Thursday, February 19, 2015

Andrea Jiapei Li Fall 2015

What I liked most about the VFiles showcase at the Lincoln Center was the sense that it was some kind of meeting of up and coming designers from all across the world. But despite a variety of different sources the common thread unifying each collection was invention or a concept each designer felt passionately about. For Parsons graduate Andrea Jiapei Li it was blending traditional Chinese dress with cocoon-like garments and blending the malleable nature of cotton with the resilience of hardened vinyl. This philosophy and playfulness with shapes is very reminiscent of Comme des Garcons designs without the characteristic colour and iconic beauty looks. Aside from their other VFiles showcase compatriot Di$count Universe I think Andrea Jiapei Li's range could be the most commercially successful. The structural complexity of the jackets and tops combined with the minimalist colour palette lends itself to the wardrobe of big shot fashion editors across the world. I can only hope that with continue support Li can continue to blossom in such a competitive industry.

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  1. pretty silhouettes! reminds me of Jacquemus meets Balenciaga! xo