Monday, January 12, 2015

The Matrix

Wearing: Target blouse, Romance Was Born skirt, Rubi shoes platforms and socks from eBay.

What's unexpected about this outfit is I'm wearing something from Target, and that I actually really like the blouse! My mum unexpectedly handed it to me and it's probably my favourite gift this year since it was such a spur of the moment type thing. About a year ago now I had a massive obsession over shirts, blazers and trousers with this type of pattern. I looked everywhere for the perfect piece for my wardrobe but never found anything quite right. So I was resigned to the fact that my expectations were just too high and that it simply didn't exist. I'm not sure if they stock these anymore (it's also worth noting that I live in Melbourne, Australia) but it only cost $20! What a bargain! There's a heavy metal zipper at the back though which is really at odds with the lightweight material of the blouse but it's still a really great piece to wear.


  1. This outfit is perfection - i love the mixture of similar prints & those socks!!!!!

  2. That blouse is beautiful-looks like a version of a school uniform in a world where school uniforms are cool :) xoxo

    1. haha thank you! the shape of it is very school uniform isn't it? :)