Sunday, January 11, 2015

Solange X Puma Wild Wonder Collection

For reasons I can no longer remember I completely missed writing about Solange's second collaboration with Puma. Maybe it had to do with anxiously waiting for my uni results to be released or the fact that I've had so much blogging to catch up on that it escaped my gaze. Solange chose to delay the press release following protests in Ferguson, Missouri in response to the shooting of unarmed black teenager Mike Brown as a mark of respect but also a show of solidarity. It was an emotionally exhaustive period for all and tensions remain high between American protestors and police. All of those factors and the timing of events may have contributed to a muted reception to this collaboration but I assure you it is no less fantastical than its predecessor. It does however reveal the shift in Solange's personal style in a relatively short amount of time. Originally hailed as a print-clashing goddess Solange was the muse of websites such as Asos, Refiner29 and the Huffington Post just to name a few. But in April last year she reported feeling jaded about her synonymous style and removed herself from eclectic patterns and clashing.

The shoes she's made in collaboration with Puma remain as colourful and eye-catching as ever but the set design and art direction is a world apart from Girls of Blaze. Wild Wonder is has been described as more of a risk with much more tweaking in order to get the feel just right. Although the two collaborations so far have been totally different from each other the commonality is wonderful designs which were a labor of love. It'll be interesting to see whether a third collaboration is on the cards but one thing's for sure these shoes are still a big hit with fashion obsessed bloggers.

Art Direction: Solange Knowles
Photography: Paul Jung
Styling: Lizzy Okpo
Hair: Nikki Nelms
Makeup: Regina Harris
Nails: Bianca Banks
Models: Candace Dobbs, Amy Steinkampf & Audrianna Strickland


  1. wow just wow! I love this, cant wait for the collection!

  2. I love this! It's definitely more understated and subtle than her old stuff, but is still just as interesting. The white also kind of makes me think of her wedding, which I guess was also a reflection of her shift in style.

    // kani

    1. yeah definitely! but it's all tied together by a certain sense of movement or fluidity? It's really interesting in how I can still kind of identify her contribution even without a strong color palette now

  3. I am so obsessed with the blue sneakers in this collection!

  4. Woah, these ones look amazing! I'm a bit obsessed with trainers and I love all the clashing prints going on in these! Have you seen the Mary Katrantzou collection for Adidas as well? I think you'd really like it!

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog

    1. I have seen that collection but I haven't blogged about it yet! It's been added to a long list of designers I must write about...

      On a related not, one of my favourite bloggers Susie Bubble from Style Bubble did an amazing job styling each of the clothes on her blog!

  5. Those wholesale puma shoes are so beautiful and look absolutely comfortable! I am so obsessed with the blue sneakers in this collection!