Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Risque Business

Wearing: Ichi Knee onigiri earring, vintage lace top, thrifted fuzzy cardigan, Emma Mulholland shorts and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

These are the cool shorts I bought at the Emma Mulholland sale in Melbourne on the weekend. They are like the length for culottes AND they have super deep pockets. The print on them was inspired by various 1980s pop culture references, but what was really interesting was seeing how the same pattern translated differently on various materials. I've been lusting after Mulholland's designs for a while now, as well as keeping up to date with her collections presented at fashion week. It was really great to see the clothes for myself and be able to appreciate lots of fun clothes in the presence of really cool and fashionable babes. While I didn't win the competiton they were running on their instagram account for a $200 voucher it's safe to say I'm still obsessed with this brand. What's more I can't wait for the release of their next collection dubbed 'Cry Birdy', a combination of archetypcal Australian humor and John Waters tackiness. 


  1. Those shorts!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Still can't get past how awesome those shorts are :) xoxo