Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Miu Miu Pre Spring / Summer 2015

I felt so inspired after my weekend away and checking out many vintage stores that I had to write about the nostalgic tones of Miu Miu's pre SS15 collection. It follows in the footsteps of recent Rodarte collections heavily borrowing from the trends and colour palettes of the 1960s and 1970s. The collection was launched in what feels like a lifetime ago but it's only now that I am beginning to wear coats fit for the wardrobe department of Mad Men and psychedelic prints. Crochet has been a favourite of mine lately but it's as hard to come by in thrift stores as it is seen on the runway. Still, these statement tank tops worn with sheer blouses featuring dagger collars had me swooning. The clothes feel like an exaggerated version of the Virgin Suicides if the movie took place in Fall rather than Summer. 

Normally I find Resort collections and pre-seasonal collections to act as filler for what in my mind is the main event. I mean usually they borrow from the same theme or are connected by an aesthetic or colours but what we are presented with feels like sub-standard work from the designer. The exception being Cruise collections in which designers invest heavily in the runway shows and overall atmosphere of the event inviting celebrities, bloggers and editors for the event. Everything about that is calculated and carefully planned, including who sits where and which people get sent exclusive pieces to wear for the event. Amongst all the pomp and circumstance the clothes themselves often get forgotten but there are hundreds of shiny Instagram pictures up online plugging the event and toting it as the hottest party. It's bares an unsettling resemblance to high school politics and I'm not just saying that as an embittered outsider at the periphery of the blogosphere but as someone genuinely interested in the creative process and its expression through clothing. 

I can safely save that Miu Miu has restored my faith in these smaller collections proving that they are separate entities equally deserving of praise and respect. I guess it really depends on the designer and what they're inspirations are during a particular period. I've had a certain admiration for Miuccia Prada for the last couple of years now so naturally I admire this pre Spring/ Summer collection despite it's somewhat bland backdrop. The concrete stairs did however emphasis the vivid colours I now associate with Prada and Miu Miu. The shoes are everything I've come to from the acclaimed Italian designer and I was delighted by the different styles all adhering to the same notion of 70s nostalgia. The variability in footwear was a response to the different outfits whether they by trousers, sheer skirts or shirt coats. Proving that pre collections are as well thought out and meticulous as their more expansive counterparts. 


  1. I feel like this collection is made for you! I love all the 70s prints so much. It's also hilarious, because I used to wear knitted vests like that all the time (but everyone made fun of them).

    Overall I really like this collection, but I feel like it's been done before :-(

  2. Those prints are amazing - 70s is HUGE this season xx

    Suki and the City

  3. Ah, 70s bright colours. Coolio. :) xoxo