Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Karen Walker Sunglasses Spring 2015

Karen Walker returns in spectacular fashion after enlisting the help of a very special celebrity Toast the toothless King Charles Spaniel. Previously we've seen balloons, brooms and the inspiring cast of Advanced Style star in Karen Walker campaigns. It follows an increasing trend in which brands are regularly relying on social media for their next casting. Marc for Marc Jacobs scooted the models for their most recent campaign via Instagram, as have Meadham Kirchhoff all to the tune of a huge PR buzz. Toast and her owner are somewhat different in that they have their own following but have not necessarily been aligned with any major brands. Up until now. What's most appealing about this approach is the belief that we too may score overnight success, coin the next trending Twitter hashtag or from Facebook be signed to an agency. Of course not everyone can experience a twenty-first and tech-influenced Cinderella story, but it's nice to believe in from time to time.

I have a somewhat startling confession to make- but I had all but given up hope on Karen Walker's sunglasses. The last few collections had totally abandoned her trademark flair for colour and there was a stifled approach lacking experimentation in the shapes of frames. There was a distinct lack of experimentation, which was the very thing that had attracted me to this visionary Kiwi's ideas. Her last release 'Celebrate' was a best-of collection representing her most successful and famous designs in limited edition gold. But like The Simpson's numerous clip show the campaign seemed to lack the star power of previous campaigns. Despite a loyal following from fashion editors to bloggers even they turned their attention to other brands who could fulfill their need for insanely colourful and creative frames. It was disappointing to see the same designs churned out over and over again but now we're beginning to see Walker creating more like her old self again.  

*Images via Oyster Mag.com

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