Monday, January 26, 2015

All that Glitters

Glitter is obviously I have become obsessed with lately whether it's using a generous helping in my art collages or incorporating it in my outfits. Despite glitter being most accessible in the form cosmetics it's a market I have yet to crack or become heavily invested in. These editorials reinforce the idea that applying makeup in itself can be an art form- albeit heavily commercialized and controlled by straight white cis men. We are still a long way away from CEOs of major cosmetics companies being women and acting for women but notions that feminism and makeup being mutually exclusive has since been demolished. Instead across the media we are seeing women taking the form of perfect celestial beings existing outside the understanding and approval of men. Being so heavily decorated in a glitter suit of armor we become untouchable and almost unattractive to the male gaze but a thing of beauty. I think I want to start wearing more glitter everyday at least during the cooler months where melting makeup becomes less of an issue.

1- Angelica Houston photographed by Richard Avedon, 1976. 2- 'Lick Me I'm Delicious' photographed by Theo Wenner for i-D F/W 2014. 3a- Saint Laurent Fall 2014 RTW & b- via. 4- Ajak Deng by Richard Burbridge for W, November 2014. 5a & b. 6- The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). 7, 8- Puce Moment (dir. Kenneth Anger 1949), 9- Lavender mask @ Valentino Couture Spring 2010. 10, 11, 12- via.


  1. I love glitter so much! Last year me and my housemates used to cover ourselves in body glitter before a night out - I should start doing that again. Glitter eyeliner is also a personal fave for a night out, I might start wearing it during the day too. Who says glitter is only for night?

    Cats In Crop Tops

    1. omg yes I'm so tempted to wear glittery eyeliner rn, I also used to wear glitter on my cheeks instead of bronzer in high school just cause and it was the best

  2. AGHHH alll these pictures are amazing!