Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Under the Sea

Wearing: Romance Was Born dress, Meadham Kirchhoff skirt, Arielle de Pinto shoes, American Apparel socks and thrifted knitted hat.

I felt so inspired after reviewing Cassandra Verity Green's collection Neptune's Daughter I wanted to create an outfit which emulated the British designer. It's a bit too warm for shaggy mohair and knitted stoles though so I opted for a more practical interpretation. Plus it gave me another excuse to wear this amazing dress with a Meadham Kirchhoff piece. The knitted hat was absolutely necessary though since it's coral red but also makes up for the lack of goldfish incorporated in this outfit. It looks a bit like a vintage swimming cap too. That shade of red with blue seemed odd to me at first, but when you consider the vast diversity of tropical fish in the ocean it becomes a natural association. I enjoyed processing these photos in the style of art video and only wish I had more time to edit my photographs during semester.


  1. WOW omg I adore your dress!
    such a cute outfit!

  2. As I'm Scrolling down your blog I just go, so yeah, I really am intrigued with the way you dress!
    Lots of love

    1. Thanks! I definitely had a theme in mind on this one!