Monday, December 29, 2014

Molly Goddard Spring 2015

Young British designer Molly Goddard introduced her Spring collection as “The pre-collection to the next collection,” Goddard's sweet sixteen-inspired was illuminated by brightly coloured balloons and an array of voluminous dresses. Rather than show off her wares in a conventional way models like a bunch of rebellious teenagers spike punch and smoke cigarettes in the lounge with the adults resigned to the next room. Following the success of her graduate collection inspired by her own baby clothes Goddard has aged considerably and entered into her teen phase. This is of course evoked by the sheer volumes of taffeta used in order to create what has been called 'the ultimate party wear' by Dazed Digital. There's a real sense that these young women are on the cusp of adulthood when in actuality they are grownups who are reliving some of the finest and most cringe-worthy moments of teendom. I couldn't be more jealous or fascinated with this hauntingly realistic world Goddard has fashioned out of thin air.

It seems that this was also a family project with Goddard's sister Alice a
ccessorising the models with everything from plastic cameras to band shirts and piercings to deliver the ultimate statement of bitter sweet teen angst. It confirms what we've always known- that every birthday party even the imagined ones inevitably involve some sort of input from the family. In shades of periwinkle, pink and grey each dress was embellished in some form or another with frills along the bustier or waistline. Not to accentuate but to create a ballooned silhouette and further impress upon the awkward nature of a teenager's experimental sense of style. “It’s that awkward party dress thing where someone sits down and the dress is like ‘poof’. It pushes up above their shoulders because it’s just so full and ill-fitting. Obviously I didn’t want to make them ugly, but it’s like your ultimate party dress. It’s that whole thing of getting ready for the party,” she declares. 

*Images via Dazed Digital, photography by Philip Trengove


  1. ah i love this & the photos are amazing

  2. I love all the tulle! I want to drape myself in tulle for new years