Saturday, December 13, 2014

I'm not the one that you should be making your enemy

A few weeks ago now Solange got married in what could be history's most glorious 1970s jumpsuit and the official photos were absolutely stunning. But when I thought more about the artist and little sister to Queen Bey I couldn't think of what her voice sounded like or her songs. I dug through the archives to watch and listen to her most famous track, Losing You and my god I unearthed a goldmine of style. Before she beat Jay Z up in an elevator and performing at Coachella. Even before she gravitated away from power clashing to a time when Asos praised her as the queen of mixing prints and patterns. The dreamy tone of the video clip an sun-drenched vocals create the perfect background to a treasure trove of style, whether it be menswear or womenswear. I've wanted to love suits for a while now but they're so damn expensive and I find it difficult to commit to a single look but damn Solange changed my mind. She proved you can wear a suit and have fun at the same time (amazing!).


  1. I love her style sooo much! <3

  2. Wooooow I really like her clothes <3 you have such a nice blog :D keep publishing post like this one

  3. Ah Solange, I remember seeing her in Bring It On 3 and being hypnotised by her sass.

    1. omg what? I didn't know that (how did I not know that!!!)