Saturday, December 27, 2014

Doll Valley

It's been a while since I made a moodboard using my computer, rather than my bare hands and scissors and glue but I feel like with the Internet now everything is moving too quick. There are so many different aesthetics all competing for our attention that it's difficult to make a cohesive, unified blog post of images. Without a theme or colour scheme it doesn't scheme poignant or like a worthwhile endeavor. What point am I making? What am I trying to say? The spread of information and consumption of an idea is so rapid the last decade has lost its ability to generate a trend or fad. It's almost getting to the point where it's exhausting to figure out and reconcile so many different images, photographs and lighting. For this reason I don't attempt to make moodboards during the semester. I get tired just thinking about what it is I'm supposed to be learning let alone this whole other framework of thinking.

But I've realised most of the time when I make a moodboard it has nothing to do with trends at all. I read a lot of old fashion magazines because I like the way they articulate and analyze a collection or trend rather than the trend itself. These moodboards are specific to me and record what I was feeling at the time and if other people can relate to them then that's great. If they don't that doesn't bother me in the slightest. So rather than talk about this moodboard specifically it was easier for me to discuss them in general.

Kendall Jenner By Ben Toms For Dazed Winter 2014. 2b- The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). 3- office shoes for refinery29, styled by priscilla jeong. 4c- Poppy Okotcha. 5a- The Finale for Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton SS 2014, b- Pride and Prejudice (2005), c. 7a- Sasha at Emporio Armani Fall 2012. 9- Jing Wen at Marc Jacobs FW14. 10c- Kids (1995). 11- Petra Collins. 12a & b- Lily McMenamy photographed by Alessio Boni for Document Journal #4. 8, 10b & 13- Almost Famous (2000).
2c, 4a, b-LIFE and Civil Rights: Segregation in 1956 South Carolina, photographs by Margaret Bourke-White. 2a, 6, 7b, 10a, 14a, b- Alex Prager For Garage Magazine.

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  1. I swear to god you have a sixth sense of finding the perfect inspo for mood boards <3333