Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zoey Radford Scott AW 15

If you haven't heard of Zooey Radford Scott yet I'm not surprised- she's a little known designer from New Zealand and will reveal her second collection for the very first time as part of the Massey graduate fashion show in New Zealand. When asked about the influences which shaped this particular collection, Radford Scott replied “"I wanted to create a gang. Influenced by the hip hop aesthetic… which captures people of Africa highlighting vivid colours and strong contrasts of light and dark.” The first thing that struck me about the collection was something gang-like in the way each member was dressed, hovering above a skating bowl. They seemed powerful and united together, somewhat serious but at ease in the presence of one another. There is nothing more special in this world than having a tight group of friends who look out for each other and I’m sorry to get all sappy and sentimental on you but I’m so grateful I found that at university. We all have different styles and respect each other, but the dream will forever be to find a clique or gang who coordinates outfits- that is the ultimate.

 Another thing you will notice is the representation of both men and women in this collection but there is no clear cut divide which separates men’s from womenswear. It’s refreshing to treat both with the same approach of baggy, comfortable pastels and patchwork sweaters when so many other designers in the game have a jarring disconnect between what their male models wear which often looks sub-par and rushed when compared to the outfits of their female counterparts. This collection from an emerging New Zealand designer oozes cohesion and is able to blend the silhouettes of each, whether she’s making trousers or loose pinafore dresses. Scott goes on to say “Combining my strength of adapting the menswear silhouette into womenswear I have created a six-look collection. The name Gyanewa comes from Florence's (the Ghanaian model featured in the photographs) middle name. The collection is named after her and represents her gang."

 The sneaky inclusion of bucket hats (yes they’re still around and relevant to street style!) as well as pristine vintage Versace sunglasses completes the look. I’d love to see Zooey Radford Scott perhaps produce her own range of sunglasses sometime in the future but her styling choices really completed her collection. I think it’s amazing for a designer with relatively little experience to have such a clear vision of what they want to create and equally important how they want to represent their brand as a direct extension of their own creativity. There’s also a slightly artistic tangent with the inclusion of a common item, that tacky blue plastic chair (you know the type that schools like to buy in bulk because they’re indestructible?) as both prop and motif of the collection. I kind of like it though, purely because you won’t see anyone else with the same or similar style of dress in a club or at a party and there’s comfort in that. Now the only problem that remains is- how do I get my hands on all of these amazing clothes as a consumer?

*Images via Zooey Radford Scott website


  1. It's cool to read something about a lesser-known designer! I try to support them as well, by giving them a place on my blog! Cool label, I love the color palette!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

    1. Exactly! In the grand scheme of things yeah, it's probably not a big deal but through the dissemination of knowledge it helps by building their reputation

  2. Wow I've never heard of her before but her designs are look incredible. Kudos to supporting lesser known names, I'll definitely be looking her up!