Thursday, November 27, 2014

Have I won the internet?

Wearing:  Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop PVC skirt, Meadham Kirchhoff X Nicholas Kirkwood platform shoes, POMS earrings and vintage lace top.

Blogging post Kim Kardashian's butt seems like a seemingly impossible task especially without a Twitter account or the ability to generate a trending hash tag but I'm willing to give it a try. I bought my ~dream shoes~ from non other than photographer artist and Rookie contributor Eleanor Hardwick a few months ago but have been saving them for a special outfit. It makes sense to wear them with another Meadham Kirchhoff piece with the same rose tinted, glittery material and an overall fluffy textural element. I was also really tempted to glue pom poms or marabou puffs to this blouse just for this outfit but I thought it was better to keep it relatively simple. Or rather highlight the skirt, shoes and earrings as the fun and quirky pieces of this outfit and just wear some good old vintage. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zoey Radford Scott AW 15

If you haven't heard of Zooey Radford Scott yet I'm not surprised- she's a little known designer from New Zealand and will reveal her second collection for the very first time as part of the Massey graduate fashion show in New Zealand. When asked about the influences which shaped this particular collection, Radford Scott replied “"I wanted to create a gang. Influenced by the hip hop aesthetic… which captures people of Africa highlighting vivid colours and strong contrasts of light and dark.” The first thing that struck me about the collection was something gang-like in the way each member was dressed, hovering above a skating bowl. They seemed powerful and united together, somewhat serious but at ease in the presence of one another. There is nothing more special in this world than having a tight group of friends who look out for each other and I’m sorry to get all sappy and sentimental on you but I’m so grateful I found that at university. We all have different styles and respect each other, but the dream will forever be to find a clique or gang who coordinates outfits- that is the ultimate.

 Another thing you will notice is the representation of both men and women in this collection but there is no clear cut divide which separates men’s from womenswear. It’s refreshing to treat both with the same approach of baggy, comfortable pastels and patchwork sweaters when so many other designers in the game have a jarring disconnect between what their male models wear which often looks sub-par and rushed when compared to the outfits of their female counterparts. This collection from an emerging New Zealand designer oozes cohesion and is able to blend the silhouettes of each, whether she’s making trousers or loose pinafore dresses. Scott goes on to say “Combining my strength of adapting the menswear silhouette into womenswear I have created a six-look collection. The name Gyanewa comes from Florence's (the Ghanaian model featured in the photographs) middle name. The collection is named after her and represents her gang."

 The sneaky inclusion of bucket hats (yes they’re still around and relevant to street style!) as well as pristine vintage Versace sunglasses completes the look. I’d love to see Zooey Radford Scott perhaps produce her own range of sunglasses sometime in the future but her styling choices really completed her collection. I think it’s amazing for a designer with relatively little experience to have such a clear vision of what they want to create and equally important how they want to represent their brand as a direct extension of their own creativity. There’s also a slightly artistic tangent with the inclusion of a common item, that tacky blue plastic chair (you know the type that schools like to buy in bulk because they’re indestructible?) as both prop and motif of the collection. I kind of like it though, purely because you won’t see anyone else with the same or similar style of dress in a club or at a party and there’s comfort in that. Now the only problem that remains is- how do I get my hands on all of these amazing clothes as a consumer?

*Images via Zooey Radford Scott website

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sweet Dreams and Nightmares

I'm still struggling to come to terms with the fact that I've now finished school, unless I get into honors and I hope I do but it's hard to know where I am going in life at the moment. How do I describe myself? Am I still student? I feel like I'm either trapped in a pleasant dream-like state or something like purgatory where I want everyone to pray for me. It's totally bizarre because for the first time in fifteen years I don't have this cloud hanging over my head. I'm free! And it's totally and utterly terrifying. So right now I feel very vulnerable that my dreams could other come true or in a nightmarish situation I could be left without any direction in my life. My friends have confidence in me and I'm very grateful for that. I've done all I can, now I just have to wait and see.  

1- via Style Rookie, 2- Twin Peaks, 3- unknown, 5- The Wizard of Oz (1939), 6- Grimes, 8- Rookie Yearbook Two, 9- The Olive Trees by Van Gogh, 10- backstage at Rodarte Spring 2011. 11 & 12- unknowns. 4 & 7-
Kailey by Photographer Hana Haley.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

In Bloom

Wearing: Karen Walker sunglasses, pom pom earrings from etsy, thrifted blouse, old school skirt, Romance was Born clutch, American Apparel socks, Rubi platform shoes.

I bought this blouse and clutch in the same week and it seemed like fate that they match each other *perfectly*. I eluded to this top in my review of Ashley Williams' Spring collection for 2015 and aside from the tiny stains on white rayon it is totally perfect and I bought it for an absolute bargain! I would have payed ten bucks alone for the embroidery detail which looks to be done by hand and it is just perfect. The floral design and pastels kind of remind me of packaging on bottled water. Obviously I had to wear more crisp white and floral with it and a tartan skirt to match the frills of my clutch bag.
Apologies, my school uniform skirt seems to be eternally wrinkled after many hours of slouching and sitting in a brain dead stupor during class. Not that I would condone missing out an an education.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ashley Williams S/S 2015

Ashley Williams, a relatively fresh face on the London fashion scene made a splash at this year’s fashion week with her small army of mall Goths dressed in cheongsam dresses with a modern twist. What appealed to me other than the shades of bubblegum pink and slightly mod 1960s aesthetic were the frog closures used in a variety of different ways. Traditionally they are the feature which decorates the right side of a dress or shirt and for the most part Williams has stuck to the brief but also used these elements in symmetrical skirts with thigh splits which I thought was very clever. It’s a little provocative but aesthetically interesting and adds texture as well. Even though my personal style largely revolves around the use of colour and patterns I still inspect my clothes for their craftsmanship and fine detail. Nothing make me feel more powerful than to wear an outfit that I mindfully chose which is beautiful up close as well as from afar and I like to capture all of those different levels when documenting my outfit.

Fashion bloggers and WOC such as Susie Bubble have already expressed a certain kind of inner turmoil concerning the style of these dresses as succinctly as “I like it! But I know I shouldn’t”. While I don’t see their design as problematic I should make the distinction that I am biracial, half white and half Malaysian Chinese so my ties to traditional design and culture are a little more tenuous. I’ve recently had the good fortune to buy lots of gorgeous clothes from my local thrift shop including a cheongsam, Asian quilted vest and inspired-blouse of which I have no problem styling with but I’m reluctant to sell these pieces on my Etsy store for sentimental reasons as well as a strange sense of pride. These feelings are confusing and in no way easy to resolved but I think the discussion of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry is an important one.

Continuing from Prada’s AW/14 collection, glittery bras and bustiers continue to be worn over blouses and dresses rather than underneath and I love it. I had the chance to buy something similar from another brand about a week ago for twenty bucks and I missed my opportunity and my god I regret that decision so much. At a point where I have nothing but free time on my hands to experiment with personal style and particularly explore fashion without wearing a multitude of layers (as is my habit) I could have looked like a glittery Wonder Woman. I don’t think I’m quite as bold try wear such a look out yet but you never know, I’m expecting Melbourne and Australia in general to have some seriously hot weather over summer but I don’t want degrees of forty temperatures (that’s in degrees Celsius) to stop me from having fun over the holidays- as I have let it in the past. This time I am determined to have lots of fun and look cute doing it too!

While the clothes themselves remained crisp and experimental in design, the models touted somber expressions, heavy eye shadow and somewhat bedraggled locks tying in with some of the more commercialized designs of this collection. I said before it reminded me a little bit of mall Goths but never elaborated on the idea. Put simply the models looked sour-faced, like they didn’t want to be there but nonetheless wore their impeccably applied black lipstick and greased up hair. It kind of reminded me of what it felt like to be a moody teenager at the age of fourteen, getting dragged along to the shopping centre to help me mum buy a week’s worth of groceries. And while it didn’t necessarily marry well with the borrowed aesthetic of traditional Chinese dressers it did make the collection more accessible to some and for twenty-something year olds such as myself it was another thread in a rich tapestry to relate to. I loved it, but can appreciate that Ashley Williams is still learning her craft, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 

Images via Ashley Williams website