Monday, October 27, 2014

The Void

I can feel my mind slowly emptying. It doesn't hurt but it makes me sad to feel like my school work is so draining that I can't think straight about the stuff I really like. On the other hand I'm not overthinking things which I tend to do a lot- so all of a sudden it's easier to make sense of things visually or create an aesthetic. Today I'm wearing all black and digging on kind of pre-apololyptic vibes and grainy photographs. Grainy photographs are possibly the greatest thing ever, being so far removed from the world of Instagram and romantic. I think I want to start taking my own photographs again soon but obviously that's going to largely depend on whether I can afford it or not so I hope I get a summer job. Otherwise I'll be instagramming and trying to get a handle on all things social media.   

1- The Craft (1996), 2- Heathers (1988), 3- moodboard by Garth Cook, 4- unknown, 7- Style Rookie, 9- Illustration by Beth for Rookie Mag. 10, 12 & 13- all unknowns. 5 & 11- Recess by Rookie Mag. 6 & 8- The Old Crowd by Rookie Mag.


  1. Love this! The mix of a post-apocalyptic world and suburbia is so spot on, and perfect for the end of October. Also, it reminds me of Arcade Fire's music video for "The Suburbs."

  2. this moodboard is literally me right now