Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't Say a Thing

I've had a busy semester- and hopefully it'll be my last provided I pass everything and my exams all go OK. There hasn't been much time for blogging but when I can, or when I just can't force myself to work any more I like to compose pictures. The really intense collages were made shortly after I went to the Melbourne Art Fair and it had a big influence on me. I kind of want more experiences like that, feeling tired but happy at the same. Lately it's just been exhausting and draining. Less like living and more like surviving from day to day but soon it'll all be over. I don't know what I'm going to be doing over Summer, probably volunteering, crafting things and trying to make a little more money from my etsy shop. I had an interview for a summer job but I don't think I'll get it. Maybe I'm too old. It kind of sucks because I like being kept busy but maybe I'll do some embroidery or sewing over the break. Who knows.  

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  1. I love your art! Really inspired me!