Monday, September 15, 2014

Rodarte Spring 2015

I hate when my blog becomes this stale, repetitive, lifeless entity consisting of reposted images from one point of perspective. What became really apparent to me when I listened to broadcasts and speakers from the Melbourne Writer's Festival is that to blog successfully, you have to experience things first hand and then you write about them. But I haven't been doing that, and I have rarely done that from the very beginning in the belief that my life was boring or not worth documenting when compared to other people. That my room was messy (and in all honesty it is) so I never took pride in decorating my bedroom because I never had people over or never wanted to take photos of it. I'm not quite ready or motivated enough to suddenly clean my room and make it pretty for the sake of what other people will think of me, but now that New York Fashion Week has come and gone I do feel regretful that I wasn't able to experience it first hand. 

For all of this week it feels like I've been asleep and waiting to wake up, but the times when I have been most motivated is when I've checked my Instagram feed (and to a lesser extent Tumblr dashboard) and been able to view all the videos and photos taken backstage for the event. Tavi Gevinson has returned to fashion week after being notably absent last year mainly because she now has an apartment with photographer and Rookie contributor Petra Collins situated in New York city. This magical fantasy world was created by sitcoms and movies. Sure it was a creative hub and a cultural locus but what makes it special to people from my generation, Gen Y is that we grew up with it in our houses and in our living rooms. I guess I wonder sometimes what my life would be like if I lived in a place where things happened like New York, rather than in suburban Australia.

It sounds like I'm complaining a lot and I am but I think from what limited information I have, Rodarte was the highlight of New York Fashion Week hands down. The sisters created a stunning array of mermaid inspired ballgown dresses complete with sequin embellishment and netted mesh in shades of aqua and sea green, as well as the most distinguished use of eyebrow piercings the industry has seen to date. It wasn't shocking in the way of Vivienne Westwood or say Betsey Johnson might employ, but a series of fake eyebrow piercings were used to exaggerate the brow line. It was a gamble but I think it payed off and everyone's taken to it and ordered their own fake eyebrow rings off etsy (I wish I was kidding but I am seriously considering this myself).

In keeping with the obscured nautical theme, the sisters behind Rodarte have also made thick utility jackets khaki and neutral shades like black and white. With their thick tan straps crossing over the body in all kinds of fantastic ways they kind of remind me of the Benny Gold X Jansport backpacks everyone seems to have. Or the kind of jacket you're supposed to wear on a fishing trip for all your bits and bobs. Minus the sad looking bucket hat and dingy. I must say it's rather refreshing after many seasons of the duffel coat dominating the university campus scene that maybe there may be an equal contender and cute alternative for the humble student who doesn't want to freeze to death. Also because women's pants are often made with miniature pockets in a ploy to get us to buy handbags and purses I take an immediate liking to any coat or jacket with deep pockets.

What's special to me about this Rodarte collection is a sense of nostalgia I get from the use of wool and mesh, used to evoke the spider web tights from 2008 collections. I became aware of them through reading Tavi's blog The Style Rookie and I suppose it's been such a big influence that it's one of those things that stays with me. But unlike their 2008 collection these materials were integral in the design of those gorgeous dresses and is almost reminiscent of fishing nets, tangled in pastel coloured flowers and fathers from sea birds. And while that analogy might be welcome to any vegan or vegetarians out there, I think this evocation is meant to be poetic and romantic echoing Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

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  2. I appears that Rodarte can do no wrong! Beautiful collections every time!

    1. agreed! I am always amazed about the level of detail they put into their dresses