Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reject Everything

Wearing: Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop dress, thrifted crochet jacket, vintage petticoat, Lipstik jelly sandals, purple beaded choker and pinback from LovelyGirlHearts (etsy).

This outfit was inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S 2015 collection in which London's dynamic duo rebelled against all things gross such as misogyny, homophobia and Terry Richardson.
If you haven't checked it out I highly recommend it. The dresses were largely inspired by the Riot Grrl movement and the spiky hairstyle of Bikini Kill's lead singer Kathleen Hannah. My hair is a little too long to pull off some spunky pig tails but I realised the streaks through it kind of echo the rainbow dyed tresses from Meadham Kirchhoff SS11- which was a happy accident. What I would like to say is that I put heaps and heaps of thought into this outfit and wanted to emulate the newest collection as much as possible, but really it's just an excuse to wear all my favourite things at once on a day when I needed cheering up.


  1. Ahhh your dress and your jacket are so pretty omg


  2. Adorable outfit!
    It´s rly great how you organize posting, buying vry vry vry cool clothes and putting them together for the perfect outfit, keep on blogging like this & secret hipster will be one of my favourite blogs forevaa <3


    1. thank you! I think a big part of blogging should be organisation of one post to the next and making everything cohesive and aesthetically pleasing :)
      thanks for your feedback, it's really brightened my day <3

  3. such a gorgeous outfit!!! LOVE that knit jacket and especially this super duper gorgeous pin x3


  4. The print on that dress is awesome.