Friday, September 5, 2014

Prada Spring 2014

Accentuating the bust in a move somewhat reminiscent of female-centric comic book and television series such as She-Ra: Princess of Power or Zena: Warrior Princes (take your pick), in bright and bold colours balances an artistic aesthetic with lady armor. In case I didn't make myself clear, I dig the lady armor look and since the 1950s hot rod inspired Prada collection of 2012 I have quietly admired their bras and bustiers. Of course, for something as lovely and expensive as Prada there is the expectation that at least SOMEONE will get to see it AND APPRECIATE ITS MAJESTY, which in my case is a bit of a stretch. My boyfriend would much rather play video games and build models out of Lego than attend any fashion show with me, but when no one else was available he did go with me in 2012 so I should stop grumbling.

Although I distinctly remember bleached eyebrows being more prominent and popular six months ago they have made a reappearance in this Prada show. I suppose their popularity had a lot to do with beauty editors and bloggers going berserk over pastel, glittery eyebrows radiating a kind of alien-quality about them. Don't get me wrong I still adore an otherworldly hue permeating the realms of high fashion but I am not sure if it is compatible with the sporty nature of this collection. For such a dainty application of makeup I would expect lighter fabrics such as tulle and yet we are met with cotton jersey, wool and fur. It doesn't make sense to me.

The spiked headwear only made an appearance once, but it was enough to subtly remind me of what it would be like to be a part of a gang of elf mermaid grandmas. Or the intricately made but delightfully beautiful attention to detail Rodarte pays when they make accessories or rarely collaborate with Opening Ceremony. Or what cyclists do to their helmets to stop birds from attacking them in an Alfred Hitchcock inspired, psychological thriller. What is particularly inspiring is that even the humble student blogger could imitate this using nothing more than colourful paper and staples, or make a set of giant foam bunny ears. If you know, they really wanted to. There's a fine line between original designs and creating something that is too easily copied and mass produced. But at the same time, it something is referenced enough it gets to stand on it's own shiny pedestal for all to admire.

At this time of year I normally have one thing on my mind, which is fashionable fur coats to strike jealousy in the hearts of others and keep warm. Gimme, gimme gimme. I am sick and tired of feeling cold and frumpy during winter, rather than fabulous and excited to wear new outfits in the morning. Before it gets too cold I will need to invest in a good vintage wool coat and possibly some fabulous fur or designer snoods for good measure. For now I am left fawning over the new standard Prada has introduced, managing to combine Hawaiian shirt motifs with fur coats in what can only be described as an amalgamation of 'cool dad chic'. While there have been some knock offs of the portrait dresses and bright poppy tones, no one is willing to take on the imitate the vast rainbow of coats and on a student budget there is no way I'll get my grubby hands on anything from this season. 

The stand out for the collection was the sharp incorporation of graphics, and the painterly quality of the portraits of women. They weren't photo realistic, and were never supposed to be. Rather, they are a representation of reality and frankly I loved the duplicity in the model's blank stares as they walked down the runway coupled with the stunning cocktail dresses. They were invariably copied online and churned out as cheap knock-offs but even the knock-offs sold out like hot cakes! The whole phenomenon is seriously underrated, like I expected whole novel's written by editor's about the human behavior and observations both in fashion industry and economic world but sadly no one else seems to care as much as me. That's fine with me though, I'll just dream about owning my own amazing face dress, or the moment when Susie Bubble sweept Sydney Fashion Week wearing her own pink pastel Prada dress. I literally gasped, it was a beautiful moment that confirmed just how important fashion is to me.

I used to wear tennis socks like this when I was in middle school, because I was mostly bored but also wanted to experiment and do something that was above all interesting. It was my own way of creating resistance to our school uniform and a form of anti-boredom. I haven't revisited the look since then, and never expected the likes of Miuccia Prada to be combine sportswear with high fashion and sandals. Although we've seen the Frankenstein creation of sneakers wedges (curse you Stella McCartney) and various other terrible fads over the years, there has been a distinct lack of hosiery to grace the runway. This is probably explained by tights and stockings being considered old-fashioned and difficult to reinvent as a luxury item. But with the quick embellishment of some gemstones onto thick socks, Miuccia Prada saves the day! (Or you are more than welcome to do your own DIY, in fact it is encouraged!)

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  1. I would gladly give Prada all of my money. Such a great collection!!

    1. praise be Miuccia Prada, she deserves all my money @_@

  2. Prada is one of my favourite brands, their collections are so creative, look at those bralettes with sport socks and arty prints!
    You have a nice blog, I will visit you more (:

    1. Both Prada and Miu Miu have consistently exciting, artistic and innovative collections seasons after season. The colour palettes are always well thought out, and the look cohesive. In case I haven't made it clear the designer is a genius