Monday, September 8, 2014

lion heart

Wearing: Perks and Mini dress worn as t-shirt and fried egg patch, Verner dress, thrifted Doraemon backpack, Lipstik jelly sandals.

I bought the tiger and lion printed dress from the PAM garage sale a couple of weeks ago now but because the space was so cramped, there were so many people and no change rooms I didn't know how it'd look. I'm thinking of getting it altered layer to be a cool t-shirt but for now it's folded and hence kind of lumpy in these photos. On the plus side the red matches my hair now which is an exciting first for me and had to be documented. My other purchase which I'm really excited about is the fried egg patch on my shirt; at the sale there were skateboards, shoes, vintage Japanese toys, old VHS tapes, vinyl, CDs and on the floor whole plastic bins of patches like these which were to be used on big Letterman jackets. I'm kind of sad that this little guy didn't make it onto a gorgeous jacket but on the plus side I got to buy the coolest patch!


  1. So many different layers of coordination with this outfit. It makes me so happy. For some reason when I think of Doraemon I imagine a little kid eating eggs for breakfast. There are so many good Asian breakfast foods which revolve around eggs.

    Glitterous Clitoris

  2. I can't think of Asian breakfast foods with eggs! I can think of rice porridge, mmmm delicious rice porridge. A runny egg yolk on some rice and baked beans is like, my ideal breakfast thought. With black pepper.

  3. Love the tee !:3 Love the vintage vibe of the tee !
    And that fried egg patch is so cute lol:3 ><)/
    Love the clear shoes too<33

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!!