Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jeremy Scott Spring 2015

Jeremy Scott made a triumphant return back to the catwalk delivering a collection saturated in psychedelic undertones and a whimsical prints and patterns. It was everything I could have wanted and more in time for Spring, when I have felt particularly dull or simply bored with what was in my wardrobe. Lately I've been busy selling clothes online but haven't put as much thought into what I would buy to replace those pieces! I think now I have an answer, or at least a comparative for whenever I next go thrift shopping. Although flaming skull and rockabilly motifs are more likely to appear in the men's section and I think I would have better luck trying to find bright pastel dresses and sugary sweet metallic skirts in the kid's section.

Jeremy Scott has reincarnated his trademark fluffy teddy bears sneakers into this season's hottest trend, fluffy sliders. While it may seem a strange idea they've become popular for those extra hot summer nights or a cute accessory by the pool! It started as a trend from Celine 2013, but some people love to hate this trend but it's become somewhat of a cult hit like the humble pair of Birkenstock sandals. I think it's somewhat endearing and feel personally thankful that I can now combine my love of fluffy teddy bears without needing to wear chunky sneakers. Wearing sneakers with something other than tracksuit pants seems weird, and it is in my personal opinion that tracksuit pants should only been worn when watching Seinfeld. And that is the only exception I am willing to make. The appropriate accessory for this look is a bowl of popcorn loosely tossed over your jumper and various candy bar wrappers next to you on the couch.

Amongst all of the vague 60s and 70s hippie dippy undertones is the sudden appearance of Shrek from the Dreamworks animated films of the same name, which first made his appearance back in 2001. I've watch most of the movies although I wouldn't say I am a huge fan or love the franchise ironically like some of my friends in their early twenties, Shrek is the main reason why I am blogging about this collection today. I saw those pieces featured on the Opening Ceremony blog and tried to hunt down the pieces but to no avail. And even though the pieces may seem to have the crappy, unofficial merchandise quality so prevalent in discount stores across the country- these pieces have stolen my heart. It's my weird ironic love for Shrek that let me access the strong graphics and rainbow floral dresses which opened and largely define the collection. So it's true what they say Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Miley Cyrus made her fashion debut by lending a hand to the creation of the accessories for the show, and while they are cute and quirky and fit Jeremy Scott's eccentric vision she should not be supported in this industry due to her insistent racism.
Don't know what I'm talking about? Most recently she has come under fire for disrespecting Nicki Minaj by photoshopping her head onto the singer's body featured on the album work for Anaconda and wore a prosthetic butt while twerking on stage in Puerto Rico. What she did was hurtful because not only does it personally attack Nicki Minaj, but it insults every woman with that same body shape and has effectively reduced black women down to a stereotype. We are sick and tired of seeing skinny, blond girls constantly represented everywhere. 

Not only that, but they have so white privilege pouring out of every pore that the moment someone stands up and says "fuck skinny bitches"- they feel the need to respond to that and defend themselves. It's not enough that people like her are so heavily represented in the media, but the moment someone else announces themselves and takes ownership over their body type she has to degrade them. I don't like Miley, I have never liked Miley but you know what? I am genuinely disappointed that she did not prove me wrong, and that does not have any redeeming qualities. I would have happily been proven wrong, but this only proves my assumptions about her were right and she is a nasty piece of work. I hope Jeremy Scott does not collaborate with her in the future, I hope that no one from the fashion industry seeks to collaborate with her in the future. 

While I'm at it on the issue of racism and it's prevalence in the fashion industry. Hey Jeremy Scott, your "Natives Are Restless" t-shirt worn by by Brazilian model Mariana Santana has a cute font but the message on it, not so much. I included this photo because I really liked the fluffy texture of the pink skirt and the yellow floral motif had like a early 2000s, tacky Hawaiian shirt nostalgia to it but otherwise I would not have included it on this blog.
I'd hate to end this review on a sour note and so much negativity, but when I feel so strongly about a topic it's difficult to separate my emotions from my writing and remain objective. It sucks the fun out of fashion and honestly does impact the lives of ordinary people. Representation matters and although it sounds ineffectual when directed at the fashion industry and designers, we are beginning to see conscious thought and change as the response to the call for change.  

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  1. This was post was very deep and hilarious. Lmao "shrek is life". I really love the groovy floral prints that remind me of the colors on the scooby doo mystery machine. I agree representation is needed in this whitewashed industry and that "natives" shirt was a pure waste of material.

    1. Shrek is love, shrek is life is like a meme thing so naturally I had to reference that in this review. Totally get ya on the Scooby Doo vibes as well
      -and I'm glad girls are with me on fashion as a white washed industry, ALTHOUGH there are some people trying to introduce change to this

  2. I agree about Miley. She always seems to be making statements, but she's making the wrong ones, the exact opposite of what she could be doing.

    On a happier note, the accessories are fab! They remind me of something that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu would wear (if Jeremy Scott is looking for a different celebrity collaborator, Kyary would be a good fit).

  3. Ugh totally agree with you. I mean she's single and doing her own thing now but so much of that is just trashy and awful and uggghh,
    the accessories are cute though, I think they'll be my next DIY projects once I plunder my local op shops for small plastic toys