Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Di$count TRA$H collection

Di$count Univer$e blew everyone away at this year's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia by delivering what might be the 21st century's greatest collection of sequined clothing (sorry Ashish) and earning the respect of prominent fashion bloggers such as Susie Lau. Just when you thought the prints and designs couldn't get any more loud they drop their SS14/ 15 lookbook complete with garishly good leopard print, cats and sketchbook quality graphics. Aptly named 'TRA$H' their new line is a hodge podge of different diffuse elements ranging from full length dresses, basketball shorts, active wear and deliciously skimpy halter tops. It's eclectic but remains unified by Di$count's trademark innuendo as well as tongue in cheek humour. Skin-colored skivvies are embellished with handmade tattoos which reappear on tracksuit pants and over-sized sweaters, probably my favourite motif from their most recent effort rivaling their famous eye halter neck tops. There's something just so wonderfully dark and yet whimsical about it- and I haven't really gotten over my tattoo fascination since watching Wes Anderson's and feeling enthralled by the hand-drawn prison designs.

Accessories are still a muted affair down at Di$count Univer$e with the occasional sequin-emblazoned tote bag, making an appearance in this collection, but did anyone else notice the vintage Moschino reference? Don't feel bad if you didn't, it was very subtle and very cheeky... Di$count released a series of their own statement belts a while ago but I'm digging their revival for this shoot. Although I must admit the whole fascination with the Italian fashion houses 80s statement belts did fall out of favour a while ago, I think reincarnating the trend of thick leather chokers was a stroke of genius and totally befitting of these Australia designers. Of course it would be difficult to fit even half of the Australian label's name on a necklace so 'RICH' was an apt compromise. I think a lot of the pieces are bold enough to stand out on their own and often details such as the collars or the halter necks naturally takes precedence over any kind of transient accessory. But can you imagine if Di$count collaborated with someone to make sparkly amazing jewelry? Oh my god I'm drooling already...

Naturally I was drawn to the photographs for their use of glitter and heavy lip liner and it has only fueled my ambitions to drape myself in a sequin outfit, it if were socially acceptable and weren't a safety hazard to passing motorists. What appeals to me time and time again about a collection is the ability for the designer to create a narrative or some kind of other universe (pun intended) and it almost feels real to me. Like the model and the photographer and assistants don't go home at the end of the day, there's just monochrome rooms with carpets of glitter on the floor and a sassy queen who rules over her domain. It's unrealistic and irrational but when something is so strong visually I get swept away in a fantasy world and I guess I want it so badly to be real I don't want to believe that it doesn't exist. Maybe I'm just a sap or easily manipulated by excessive use of glitter.

Di$count Univer$e lookbook via Oyster


  1. Everything from Di$count Univer$e is sooooo perfect <333

    1. They came out of nowhere but everything they make is so good?? I'm like in love with them