Friday, September 12, 2014

a Pair of Snappy Orthopedic Shoes

Wearing: Thrifted jacket, Tokito dress, Arielle de Pinto/LVMM sandals, Dangerfield socks.

This is outfit dominated by horizontal stripes and the colour red was largely inspired by Arabelle Sicardi and another girl from the Internet, known to me as "Booger Brie" who has a tumblr and also has this blog here. It probably would have looked better when the hair dye was fresh and more fluorescent but I had a tonne of assignments to do last week. I know it's kind of blase now to like black and white striped turtlenecks but until recently it's been too cold to wear sandals and a dress and right now I have only wanted to do collages and write in my diary. I have little to no motivation to do any of my school work which sucks because I am like, so close to graduating now! Even though that's really scaring, I'm kind of relishing a fresh challenge now and feel like I am closer to becoming a proper adult decorating an apartment and cooking dinner every night. That said, there are some days I just want to watch Daria and eat two minute noodles (another inspiration for this outfit). Fun fact, my cute new sandals also double as orthopedic shoes. 


  1. love the skirt and the stripes :) lovely!

  2. Oh my god, this coat is perfect! you´re so lucky you found it :) xx

    1. this coat is my life at the moment, I'll be sad when it's too hot to wear it

  3. love your outfit, the skirt is perf :)
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