Thursday, July 24, 2014

The feelings you'd thought you'd forgotten

Wearing: Verner dress, sweater from Ezzentric Topz, thrifted purse, American Apparel socks, Rubi shoes wedges, diy necklace and droopy dog brooch from ginette lapalme

I feel like I have already talked at length about it but I spent three weeks in the desert. The ridiculous thing is I miss that place so much now. When I wake up I can no longer walk and see the sun rising over the mountains, or the adjacent endless stretch of flat lying plains. Now that I am back in the suburbs I feel cramped and starved of space. I miss having a glass of wine over dinner followed by long walks and the weight of responsibility lifted off my shoulders. And it's strange seeing the faces of strangers on the street and knowing when I wake up in the morning my friends are no longer there. But this is what my life was like before I left- so why is it so difficult to adjust now that I am back. Although I must admit it's refreshing to have longer showers, consistent phone reception and more than dirty jeans and thermal shirts to choose from when I get dressed in the mornings. For now I feel really weird and alienated.


  1. such a cute and kooky outfit :) following you now, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog xx

  2. Dude, too true. You can miss it so much, but it will never come back to you again. So it goes.

    Glitterous Clitoris

  3. So wicked. The dress and the socks especially I wish I could steal from these photos. Also, are those Vampire Weekend lyrics I sense in the title?