Monday, July 28, 2014

Garden State

Wearing: Comme des Garçons top, Zana Bayne harness, school skirt, American Apparel socks, Rubi shoes platforms.

I had a beautiful day today. This Comme des Garcons top arrived in the mail and I was overwhelmed by how simple the design is but how it still maintains some aspect of individuality. I bought it from a girl in Melbourne via a Facebook group of all things and had to wear it right away.
It's my first piece designed by Rei Kawakubo- which seems surprising even to me since I have written many blog posts about her collections and meticulously cut out mini models from her runway shows for my journal.
It was a bit difficult to show off the main feature of this top, hence the very frumpy looking plaid skirt which was actually part of my school uniform in high school.

This time last year I was preparing to enter the second semester of my second year at university and was still taking fairly mediocre photographs for my blog. In the space of a year I felt I've really grown, my style is still is continuing to evolve but this may well be my last semester at university. In a month or two I will be applying for honors, the 'holy shit' moment of my life when I realise everything I've come to know will come to an end and a whole new chapter will begin. And I am equally terrified and excited to see what the future will bring. This is (hopefully) the last 'first day of school' outfit I will post.


  1. that top is awesome! the whole outfit is so so radical <3 <3

  2. This top... this top... this TOP is so TOPALICIOUS. This is a really good top, it makes me thinks of Regina's top in Mean Girls. This top. All the layering possibilities. You can wear it over so many things, your could loop ribbons through the holes. You could adjust your harness and wear it through the holes. HOOOOOOLES. I wish getting into honours was as easy as wearing a really good outfit. Or you could just wear this shirt everyday and get people to pay you look at your shirt and then you wouldn't even need a job or honours ha ha ha ha that would be fun.

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. I must have been digging those vibes deep in my subconscious because I really wanted to wear my old school skirt with this top? and yeah, I can't wait to wear it with a whole lot of other stuff and particularly break out this baby for summer

  3. This top is so special , but i like it a lot *-*
    Have a nice day
    In love
    Salo <3

  4. That top is out of this world, and with the clear harness it's just, wow. So wicked.