Monday, July 21, 2014

fluorescent adolescent

Well hey there, I took a long an unexpected hiatus after exams and an avalanche of assignments because of a three week geology mapping unit run over the semester break. So when I would normally take time to recharge my batteries by composing outfits, spend evening crafting and making collages I was camping in the middle of the desert with some of my good friends from uni. Fortunately it also means I am doing three units this semester rather than four and I will hopefully have more time to dedicate towards my etsy store, making lots of cute beaded necklaces and of course blog. There's lots of catching up to do though, starting with transferring lots of the sketches and doodles I did into my proper art journal and composing new outfits. I am trying to sort out my bedroom and decorate it in that mythical dreamy teenage girl aesthetic. I will hopefully show you photos when that is done but for now all I can offer is this bratty teen girl inspired moodboard complete with piggy tails and stickers. 

1- Hometown Heroes by Rookie Mag. 2a, b & c. 3 & 8- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 - 2003). 4- Creature Fear by Rookie Mag. 5a, b- unknown. 5c & 7a- Meadham Kirchhoff by Style Bubble. 6. 7b- Ghost World (2001), c- Kathleen Hanna. 9a- Björk by Kevin Cummins, b- Collage by Minna for Rookie Mag, c- self-constructed freak. 10 & 11c- Olivia Bee for Rookie Mag. 11a- Björk by unknown, b- unknown. 12- unknown. 13a, b- Grease (1978). 


  1. Perfect inspo! btw was just thinking i dunno if you've heard of it but you might like the comics Love and Rockets :)