Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pageant AW14 Fiber Optics

I imagine these are the kinds of clothes that trendy teenagers of the future like Judy Jetson will wear when working out at the gym or ice fishing on some exotic moons. This probably stems from hazy memories of what The Jetsons was actually about and total disillusionment with gym culture, predictions on the future as dictated by pop culture references and exercise in general. Instead I live with an idealised view of life's most boring activities, largely informed by photo shoots and magazines. Or I just have a general appreciation for studio-controlled photo shoots which seem to mimic some form of art but also have a laboratory-like climate of restraint and precision about them... again evoking some sort of clinical sportswear vibes which I am digging.

Pageant's Autumn/ Winter collection came to my attention when browsing the online store of Pet Shop Girls and I was immediately grabbed by the hybridization of sportswear with an almost Asian aesthetic.  That reference isn't immediately obvious when compared with the androgynous silhouettes of contemporary designers such as Yohji Yamamoto or Junya Watanabe, but lies in the idealized notion of oriental culture under a Western guise. The effect is an unusual and unique approach to the humble sweatshirt, duffle jacket and pair of track pants creating dreamy colored clothing defined by sharp lines. Best worn with serious hair pulled back in cute little warrior braids and possibly a headband in case you get cold. Usually I like to draw parallels and connections from one brand to another in order to relate the current trends of the season but when I can't pigeon hole everything and turn my feelings into a type of math I create my own little narratives instead. Obviously, this has worked out quite well for me but I am still waiting on some sort of strange publishing deal combining these stories with fashion collections in the form of children's picture books. I will continue to wait then.


  1. Literally the coolest collection ever

  2. OH MY FREAKING GOD I NEED ALL OF THESE CLOTHES RIGHT NOW. I'm so excited by these clothes that I couldn't understand anything I read in your post because I was just so excited about the clothes. I don't even like fashion posts, but I always love all the clothes you post on your blog *have 100 imaginary internet points from me*. I need all the puffy. Unfortunately it looks like the closest I'll be getting to this is UNIQLO. My friend and I always talk about the Jetsons too. I barely remember watching it but I too have somehow crafted a completely idealised vision of it in my head too for some reason. An idealised vision which revolves around clothes and neon pastels. This post fits in so well with my day. Today I went to the Red Cross and the girl working there was wearing a really awesome over the top wooly pastel sportswear inspired sweatsuit that nobody would ever actually wear for doing sports. I wish I could remember the name of the designer, but alas I cannot. Anyway, I think I've done enough crazy rambling for now.

    Glitterous Clitoris