Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's not hippie witch, it's Twin Peaks, and it's very in

Wearing: Top and skirt from a garage sale, American Apparel socks and Vivienne Westwood X Melissa wedges.

This outfit is very blah and boring and I also have chronic tiredface, but the whole point of archiving my outfits online is to not only include the good bits and the bad bits but also the boring bits. Otherwise when I look back on my blog I'll feel entirely satisfied with it in an unnatural way and be deprived of *cringing* at the sight of my previous outfits, generally missing out on the experience of change. But my main motivation for this outfit was to show off my cute shoe and sock combination and wear a neutral look made from really cheap clothes strung together. It's kind of more earthy and natural than what I would usually wear with a little bit of a witchy vibe, hence the Twin Peaks reference. Studying for exams is going well, but obviously I'm feeling pretty worn out and a lot of my spare time has been spent obsessing over my etsy. I can't wait until they are over and I can relax, watch some necessary pop culture movies and go back to a routine of making collages. 


  1. Twin Peaks is my life, I love your shirt <3

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! so happy to find them in an op shop of all places ^_^

  3. You look like the moon's mother personified? a maternal moon on earth :p You look good in neutrals! Your shoe and sock game is on point too.



  4. I love seeing my old clothes given new life! Love the Twin Peaks references x

  5. Twin Peaks is freaking amazing and I am loving everything about this, especially the shoe and sock combo and the pleats, oh lord the pleats. So great.