Monday, June 9, 2014

IC By Karla Spetić AW14

Initially the collection reminded me of the album art from Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures"- a design which, in the words of Susie Goldring from the BBC Online 'reflects a pulse of power, a surge of bass, and raw angst.' Karla Spetic does not evoke the antiquated angst of a teenager but has always appealed to the feminine and delicate sphere of design. Although I would suggest knitwear has to be a little tough in order to survive a long Winter colour, texture and a vibrant design is just as important. Winter wardrobes are too easily swamped with various shades of black, bland coats and jackets which are versatile and some companies are thriving where there is an increasing demand for colourful knitwear, such as All Knitwear by Annie Larson and Nixi Killick. If I was clever enough to operate a knitting machine (or beg my boyfriend's mom) you can be sure I would be all over this too, generating my own designs. But I have exams and assignments to stress about instead.

After what seemed like our warmest Fall ever, it's well and truly Winter and I wake up feeling chilled to the bone and faced with the complex issue of layering every time I get dressed in the morning. Karla Spetic, an Australian designer released this collection of knitwear way back in February when the weather was still warm so until now I had completely forgotten about it. This is a challenge I think many Australian designers are faced with when it comes to timing the launch of their collections- do they capture the attentions of the local industry or try and cast a wider net catering to an international market? By branching off and creating IC, a smaller subdivision of an already fragmented label (see KS Swim), Karla Spetic are playing the field with a savvy business-sense beyond the expectations of a boutique brand. It was clever and they delivered an eye-catching array of knitwear featuring their characteristic colour palette, as well as reincarnated designs such as the kissing comic book lovers, a reference to their earlier Autumn/ Winter collection from 2012. 


  1. its funny how you mention that its winter where you are while im sweating as i type this in the middle of summer. I love the Roy Lichentstein and Joy Division inspired tough knits.

    1. aww even though I complain about the cold weather I would much rather be warm then sweating it out- but I miss the sunlight for taking photos

    2. Its been getting better every now and then with a the short bursts of cool breezes we have (i can hear and feel some now) I always thought i was a spring baby even though i was born in January :p. The natural lighting is most definitely great for photos atm :)

    3. Natural lighting is like the only thing I miss about spring/ summer. Otherwise I'm kind of content being a sloth and wrapping myself in blankets