Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emma Mulholland SS14

I've been waiting for the release of an official photo shoot of Emma Mulholland's Spring 2014 collection since Sydney Fashion Week to discuss just how awesome it is. My prayers were answered by one of my favourite fashion photographers, Byron Spencer bringing the clothes to life by adding even more energy to the collection via splashes of matching pink and a series of colourful cropped wigs. I first caught wind of the collection after reading Sussie Lau's blog Style Bubble where she described the widespread 1980s and 90s references and evolution of the brand from a parody of a stereotypical Australian surf culture style. Inspiration and a general sense of nostalgia was drawn from Working Girl, Pretty in Pink and Saved by the Bell just to name a few.
The unconventional use of office supplies, in particular the chunky bulldog clips (an obvious reinvention of Working Girl) has reinvented punk chic removing the confrontation and retaining a sassy edginess suitable.

Choosing just one piece to buy from such a strong collection is never an easy decision, but I think the piece that I love the most for its artistry and technique is the sheer wave dress worn over the top in this photograph.That strange contrast between light, delicate material and the sum total weight of each sequin adds such gravitas to the item itself, making it special and important in the mind of the wearer. Not enough stores sell really heavily sequined clothes these days- you wouldn't find anything like this in K-Mart or Target, even in the larger department stores with their multitude of stocked brands can't compete with such unique designs and quality pieces. That makes me feel a little sad, but whenever I do find something special and so far detached from the main stream fashion industry I feel really excited by the prospect of integrating it with my own personal style.

What has me really excited is Emma Mulholland's first collaboration into eyewear with none other than Pared Eyewear! Previously Mulholland has previously created baseball caps, bags and fanny packs to match the main motif from each season but the Australian designer has really proved just how comprehensive they are when creating each collection. Pared Eyewear first came to my attention when Tavi Gevinson shared a picture of their fab sunglasses right about the time when she was visiting and giving talks in Australia. Since then they collaborated with Melbourne based jewellery brand POMS in December, needless to say the results were fantastic but I feel that the collaboration with a fashion designer has really introduced a new energy to the whole dynamic. That, and the pairing (excuse the pun) of retro nostalgia and modern acetate sunglasses just seems so natural.

While Emma Mulholland dazzled their audiences with ornate, office-inspired jewellery and sequins I think it's important to note that another Australian brand, Di$count Universe had the real strangle hold on bejeweled garments at Sydney Fashion Week. I'll probably be writing about them sometime soon but I thought I would mention for all y'all sequin lovers out there who just can't get enough. I know I'm going through a big phase with texture right now, as well as shiny stuff so everything I bought last week at the Alice Euphemia sample sale was heavy and beaded (I'll put an outfit post of my haul together soon). I kind of prefer the muted tones and pastels when wearing sequins, whereas pieces from the Di$count Universe are more suited to the night club/ party atmosphere and are (sadly) expensive. I am not a party person and kind of despite the whole pubs and clubs scene, save for rare instances when I have a group of friends to rally behind.

It took me a long time to realise this cool trippy pattern was actually an image of paper clips. But that was after staring at it and the old school suggestion of a brief case worming its way into my brain. It kind of makes me sad that no one uses brief cases anymore and they have been replaced with horrible canvas man bags but I suppose if you sewed enough cool patches and swatches any bag can be elevated to a status of cool. That along with good posture and a fierce hairdo.
Also, just in case anyone missed the memo and all the fabulous collaborations of sportswear brands with celebrities/ designers (eg. Solange for Puma, Raf Simmons for Adidas and Ashish X Topshop's Buffalo platform sneakers featuring LED lights), there has never been a better time to throw off the oppressive shackles of stiletto heels and wear comfortable shoes. Bonus points for wearing them with cute/ girly socks but I think these socks decked out in shimmering sequins worn here with New Balance trainers are the epitome of coordinated footwear goodness.

The collection becomes available in August and sunglasses are available for pre-order from the Pared Eyewear website
*All images taken by Byron Spencer via


  1. A collection inspired by the 90's/80's and surfer culture? Im already in love. That wave dress is so beautiful! I agree you couldnt find them anywhere else probably I seriously need the 2nd and 3rd to last outfits in my life...

    1. I think I need ALL the outfits in my life tbh

  2. I am in love with this collection!!!

  3. Yes, this collection! I am in love with the bulldog clips. I am in love with the eyewear and that blazer in the 4th photo!

  4. Ah I love everything! Especially that last dress,

  5. I thought I was totally not a fan of the 80's and now I am really really confuzzled because this... just ugh my jaw is on the floor drowning in a puddle of drool. I feel really inspired by this collection to sequin things, like maybe I should sequin my own pair of socks! Even though I know Emma Mullholland already did a Spring Breakers collection, this still screams Spring Breakers to me. I guess I just love Spring Breakers too much and am forever destined to see it anywhere and everywhere pink and blue are involved.

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. I think this representation of 80s clothes is different from the real life clothes we would find in op shops. Kind of like how the costume designers for Clueless wanted their clothes to be an exaggeration for the 90s.

      Definitely should sequin our own socks from now on and wear them with our dream shoes <3