Friday, June 27, 2014

Delpozo Fall 2014

I normally don't like to cut down on runway shows, but only a handful of pieces really felt relevant to me and reminded me of gorgeous Comme des Garçons cocoon coats. I've been obsessed with that Japanese designers clothes ever since I finished my exams and have been drawing comparisons for the last couple of days. Although Delpozo is the brainchild of Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo there is still the echo of shapeless, blanket coats and matching plaid pant suits I drool over when thinking of Rei Kawakubo's collections. Hard lines are etched in the soft woolen materials around the collar and sleeves, while dyed bright fanciful colours. Lately, the weather has been absolutely dreadful and I've felt largely uninspired to dress up and take photos outside but this reminds me of the idealized notion of Autumn that I would so love to connect with. If I had gorgeous coats and the wind wasn't strong enough to fell trees, I'd be outside in a heartbeat.    

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  1. That show was perfect!