Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life without colour

Wearing: Yaponskii black and silver top, hand-me-down check shirt, sweater from Ezzentic Topz, Zana Bayne PVC harness, American Apparel socks and Lipstick jelly sandals.

This Zana Bayne  harness is one of my favourite things at the moment because it satisfies most or all of my weird fascinations in terms of fashion. I love getting to put it on, fiddling with the hardware and hearing the metal clink as I play with the straps and buckle. Technically I am wearing it backwards but I feel like a little German goth schoolgirl when I wear it this way and I am hassled less on the street. Because it's made from PVC you could argue that "it's better for the environment" or "vegan friendly" but honestly I just like the material because it's kind of ghost-like and I can wear it over black. The resemblance towards an actual sex harness and bondage is softened and they also match my jelly shoes- which I am stubbornly wearing even in this colder Autumn weather.


  1. Digging the outfit guuurl, I may just have to experiment with layering my harness over sweaters now... As far as the environment goes, I am personally 100% for real leather as opposed to imitation leather. When taken care of, real leather ages much better than most synthetic leathers and it therefore less likely to end up being thrown away. There is nothing I hate more than mass produced faux leather boots, omg they drive me freaking crazy! There are some quality vegan leather products out there like some Doc Martens, but for the most part, faux leather shoes are of the fast fashion variety and quickly fall apart only to be thrown away :'( If you ever needed an argument for wearing leather over fake leather... now you have one, haha! Anyway, Zana Bayne Zana Bayne Zana Bayne, how amazing is Zana Bayne? A few weeks ago there was a Zana Bayne sample sale in New York, from what I saw on Instagram it was amazing. Recently so much stuff that I like has been happening there. Why can't Zana Bayne have sample sales here? Why can't Arabelle and Petra have their art displayed here? Why isn't James Franco bringing Of Mice and Men to Melbourne? Well at least we don't live in Adelaide... or Perth :S

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. I was actually inspired to buy some Zana Bayne after reading your blog! This piece was on eBay from a cool dude and it is totally perfect I am so happy it was fortuitous.

      You've raised some interesting points about PVC vs leather debate- and sometimes I feel like some brands are unfairly ripping of their customers by labeling their products 'vegan' when really they are selling something of a shoddy quality.

      But not Zana Bayne, Zana Bayne forever <3

  2. you make the harness look so wearable. you are like an avant garde style super hero. one of my favorite oufits

    xx Amelia