Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Phiney Pet AW '14

Phiney Pet has delivered another stunning collection following the success of their Summer/ Spring campaign for 2014. Recogniseable is the same cutesy aesthetic combining dreamy, professional photography and cartoon editing wrapped around an ambitious array of designs and colour. It's impossible to single out one stand alone piece, but I do love the texture of the tinsel running suit and fur-trimmed hemline skirts. I'm most attracted to unusual pieces which are difficult to replicate in by any mas production factory line- those pieces are worth paying top dollar for. They offer not only a membership to an exclusive club, but an extension of a new identity. I've been thinking a lot lately, about identity and creativity. While some might argue that fashion is trivial and a distraction from more, "important" pursuits, I argue that it gives meaning to serious matters and is an important to me. It defines who I am, what I like and importantly how I interact with other people. 

 I liked the cartoon eyeballs and 'housework sucks' shirt so much I made a page in my dairy about it. But instead of 'housework sucks' I found an even more amusing slogan of 'how to find a dealer' written in white smock clouds to be at the centre of my composition. Not that I condone drugs, illegal activity or sleeping in class. This seemed like a better compromise than printing out the entire lookbook and sticking it in my diary with stickers and glitter glue everywhere. Because while that would have been visually appealing, it wouldn't have been a new interpretation- I guess. Hopefully I will finish enough sketches and collage pages to show you guys my journal, but at the moment I just don't feel that it's ready yet. This dilemma is largely due to mountains of assignments and a backlog of notes and lectures to catch up on. I also waste me time on sites like Etsy and Tumblr a lot of the time in a vain attempt to feel inspired. BTW I do not inspired after this, I feel tired and unfulfilled when I look at my mountain of homework and multiple tabs open in my browser.

What I love most about this collection is the way that it interacts with and represents women. Of course their established aesthetic is great and I feel really inspired whenever I see Phiney Pet but it's their look books and how they choose to edit their shoots that really distinguishes them. For me, I feel like this is problem is universal in a lot of ways as a blogger. It's not necessarily the best outfit that generates the most attention but they way in which is is shot, presented, editted and the layout of a webpage that determines how it will be received. And of course it shouldn't be a material pursuit used as a vehicle in order to achieve some sort of fame or success but self-expression. But sometimes I feel like my best ideas aren't quite everyone's cup of tea or something I feel quite average about will receive a better reception than expected. Basically, everything is complicated. 

*All images via phineypet.com


  1. Im in love this editorial the set design,props,clothes, all aroumd real girl vibes were a great start to my morning!


  2. This is amazing! I love that big tinsel-like jumper at the end and the fur trimmed skirts are perfection



    1. They're definitely my favorite pieces too (if I can even PICK a favorite piece from this collection)

  3. These pieces are to die for

  4. I'm in love with this whole collection! I NEED that bored jacket and tinsel skirt!!!