Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm Glad I'm a Girl

It's been a long time since I put together a moodboard, but I felt particularly inspired by Phiney Pet's AW14 lookbook. What really fascinated me was the interface between teenage girl editing with cartoons and professional photography, as well as the pastel colours and subversive riot girl vibes. Meadham Kirchhoff has been catering to this particular aesthetic for a while now, strengthened by their close associations with Rookie but it's still fascinating to see the fashion industry portray the teen dream. Or I will never get really get sick of this aesthetic because somehow I have regressed in life and generally feel confused about how I want to dress. A lot of the time I feel overwhelmed by fashion subcultures- because there are so many that I like but at the same time I can never fully commit to one. But a lot of the time, when I am unfocused or when I'm in a mood I stare at the trinket dish in my room and the plastic beaded necklaces or the pile of stickers on my desk. 

1b- Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2014 Backstage, 3a, b- Model of South Sudanese origin Nykhor photographed by Kasia Bielska for an editorial titled Nykhor in Bloom printed in the #7 June 2013 issue of The Lab Magazine. 4, 5a- The Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins, b- Arvida Bystrom. 6a- Style Rookie, b- Phiney Pet AW14 ‘I Need a Real Man!’ Neoprene T-shirt. 7b. 8a- unknown via, b- unknown via, c. 9b- Rookie Mag Hometown Heroes, c- Hole: Softer, Softest. 10- unknown via, 11b- Laurence Philomene.
1a, 5c,11a- dreemboat. 2, 7a, 9a- Photography by Arvida Byström I love fake magazine 2013.


  1. I absolutely love this moodboard !
    Have a nice day,

  2. I'm in love with this moodboard, especially the first/second picture!

  3. i wish people didn't ever feel held back by external things as far as dressing a particular way goes. it is annoying that the world tries to place such restrictions on us. i always enjoy the blogs of people who have a really distinct personal aesthetic, but i think it is also really cool when people translate their personal aura into a lot of different style aesthetics.
    i love this sparkling pastel fantasy world way of dressing, but i love a lot of other ways of dressing too. it is lame that we can sometimes feel restricted to choosing one. i think it is great that you feel overwhelmed by all the styles you enjoy. imagine feeling that overwhelmed by greatness in every aspect of your life? that would be cool.

  4. Just found oyur blog and loving all your posts. Obsessed with beads and pastels right now so this is great inspiration :P

  5. This is so lovely, your mood boards are always super cute <3 I totally agree, I can never stick to one style but ur outfits are always fab! x