Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blue Jeans

Wearing: Vintage denim shirt and jeans, Romance Was Born jacket and Wittner holographic brogues.

At the moment I am drowning under all the reading and homework I have to do so I barely have anytime to blog anymore! To cheer myself up I wore a cute outfit and did my eyeliner super sharp. It just makes me feel more dangerous and mean, OK? I was meant to put together a denim themed outfit in connection to this post but I forgot about it because I am terrible and life got in the way and stuff. To make the denim less obvious I wore it with this Romance Was Born jacket and holographic brogues. This look feels very cohesive to me, basically because I cannot find enough matching colours in my wardrobe but by some miracle, everything worked. Lately I've really wanted to buy heaps of matching suits and I have been crushing on Arabelle a lot lately (more than usual) but I haven't been able to buy stuff lately.


  1. YOUR JACKET OMG!! I love it so much. The brogues are cute too. The whole outfit works really well together. I am forever crushing on Arabelle lmao :')

    1. Thank you so much ^_^
      Arabelle is like, a goddess on a whole other level

  2. You look so great and I'm jealous of your gorgeous jacket and matching shoes combo. Denim on denim is always a good thing. I hope you do well in school. :)

  3. Those jeans are so fresh girl, the whole outfit is just bang on!!!

  4. Ahhh so in love with that jacket and those brogues!!! You look amazing, new follower :) x

  5. agh damn so jealous of that jacket! RWB is one of my favourites! xxx