Saturday, March 15, 2014

That was way harsh, Tai

Wearing: Rodarte X Target dress, thrifted blazer, pom pom earrings from etsy, black American Apparel socks and Rubi shoes wedges.

Sadly I don't own any mini backpacks or fuzzy pens but that didn't stop me from creating the perfect Clueless inspired outfit complete with nauseating colour scheme. The first few weeks of back to school always fill me with a certain energy. I mean, who doesn't love buying lots of new stationery and not having their social calender ruined by tonnes of assignments? Also my bitchface looks utterly deadly in these photos. One should never leave home without their bitchface when heading to classes. It is best served with totally heartless insults and a badass attitude. 


  1. i physically gasped when i saw this you are so perfect omgggg

  2. you look so cute!

  3. wowie wow i am super into your socks and sandals combination. i've always thought those socks were nice, but now i may need to get some.

    1. yes do it!! AA socks are my favourite for dressing up <3

  4. Oh my gosh! This is my favorite outfit of yours so far. :-)

  5. Currently sobbing over how perfect this outfit/you are. <333 I used to have this dress & I always just wore tons of black with it (boooring!, right?) This makes me wish I had been a little more creative with it. T^T

  6. ohmygosh this is the best you are a literal queen
    thank you thank you thank you <3