Saturday, March 8, 2014

If he's so weird, how come he's wearing Nikes?

Wearing: Verner kaftan dress and Nike  free run shoes.

I don't usually wear the colour blue but I think I can make an exception for this awfully cute dress from Melbourne designer, Ingrid Verner. I fell in love with it when I saw it featured on Susie Bubble's blog but I could only afford to buy it until recently on eBay. It's quite unusual and floaty but I like the style and the seagull pattern all over it. It's also roomy enough to wear lots of shirts and tights underneath it for colder weather.
The shoes were stolen from my brother (sorry bro but these shoes look really cute with this dress and I don't have any blue shoes).
I didn't realise each individual bird looked like two Nike ticks mirrored together until after I had taken these photos! Now that I see it I feel really cheesy which is strangely satisfying.


  1. This look is awesome. Simple and clean yet interesting outfits are the cutest!
    There's just something in wearing sneakers with dresses. Maybe the balance of ~girly~ and ~rebel~ don't know how to explain that...

  2. I love the print ! You have a great style :)))

  3. so amazing! *files into brain for source of inspiration later*

  4. siiiick fit, really love how you made the outfit your own.

  5. i wore frilly socks with my nike frees on saturday too which is really creepy because i am pretty sure i hadn't even seen this yet. regardless, what a good combination :)

    1. great minds think alike? it just feels so right thou!

  6. Would you be interested in selling this dress at all?!?