Sunday, March 30, 2014

scary babysitter

Wearing: Thrifted dress, Ezzentric Topz jumper, POMS earrings, American Apparel socks and Lipstick jelly sandals.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy this dress for $2.
I got it the other day because it reminded me of really badly tiled bathrooms and 1970s kitchens and lounge suites but I didn't count on it buying quite so sheer. That reminded me of a scene from Girls where Jessa is getting ready before babysitting, hence the intimidating teenage/ witchy vibes. You could have also seen my bellybutton in this dress if I wasn't wearing a jumper.
In other news I got my haircut and it feels really lush but in a really weird and alien way it seems so much shorter than it actually is. I'm not sure if I really like it or not but I don't hate it either.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

you're like a dream come true

I haven't had much time to blog lately, so I made a quick real-life moodboard including this cute My Little Pony knock-off I bought from the dollar store. I was as excited about the figurine as the packaging it came in and hopefully I will feel inspired soon and it will make an appearance in my journal soon. I have seriously underestimated the potential that local dollar stores have to offer, I also bought cute beads and glitter glue there for other projects.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

days of our lives

February is such a weird month. It's over in the blink of an eye and half that time revolves around a Hallmark holiday, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and the colour pink. It was a good month for me though because I spent a lot of time immersing myself in the work of artists' in an attempt to find my own aesthetic. I didn't really find anything original but I did spend a lot of time at my desk working towards collages and doing these small illustrations for my diary. I got a lot of headaches doing this- my boyfriend thinks it's because I am working a different part of my brain and am not used to it. It was a labor of love though and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. My next challenge is to strike a balance between school work and continue to write diary entries and make my collages. At the moment I'm feeling optimistic because I have less contact hours and don't have to spend as much time waiting around for class and commuting but I know this is my most important year yet.

*Most of the drawings are in the style of other artists- Ginette Lapalme, Brianna of teen age chariot, estherlovesyou and inés estrada. Please let me know if you recognize your work and have been left out!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

which cherry are you?

Wearing: Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop dress and bag, vintage skirt worn as slip, thrifted tights, earrings from Lady Petrova and Lipstick jelly sandals.

It feels like the Topshop collection came out forever ago but really I am just very lazy when it comes to posting photos. When will I ever post outfits on the same day? Anyway after much deliberation I bought the eyeball and lip dress as well as the heart handbag. I'm pretty pleased with it all- it looks ridiculously cute in person and is sooo fun to style. The dress is more sheer than I thought it would be but luckily I had this square dancing skirt handy to wear as a petticoat. The sizing is pretty accurate too because for the duration of its shipping time I stressed out about the dress being too small but it was just right. This particular piece has elasticised panels at the shoulders, waist and sleeves.
Basically I am dressed like a Victorian cupcake / Kawaii cosplayer today.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Phiney Pet Spring '14

Introducing Phiney Pet, aka the new brand of my dreams. In such a short amount of time they have managed to create their own defined sense of style and universe of well-dressed babes. The designs are bright, colourful and super-charged with imagination and nostalgia. Much like Creatures of the Wind being untraceable in origin, Phiney Pet borrows a bit of everything to create a melting pot of ideas. My personal favorites from this collection include the jumpsuit reminiscent of a 1960s kitchen and the cat dress with pom pom jumper. There is certainly a willingness towards experimentation with their Spring 2014 range featuring pleats, jumpsuits and leather jackets. Demonstrating a variety of different techniques combined with a baggy and androgynous silhouette my mouth is watering over collection making fashion accessible to the modern teenager.

The backdrop to their dreamy photo shoot was an idealized park complete with basketball courts, playground and ice-cream van, refreshing compared to the sterile studio spaces. Then again, I tend to prefer street style and the outfits of fashion bloggers rather than the calm and controlled environment of a runway show. I'm more interested in the interaction between the real world and people who aren't necessarily intrigued by fashion with weird and crazy outfits. The choice of their photo shoot cements a narrative which epitomizes youth culture without being patronizing. It feels like Phiney Pet are representing their collections in a very practical yet imaginative way not too dissimilar from graduate collections presented at fashion weeks across the world. The key difference being Phiney Pet have reached commercial success and already have a small but dedicated following of fashion hungry followers. 

What won me over, other than everything was their dreamy lookbook including vignette photography and quirky stickers. Their presentation seems particularly relevant to me because lately I've felt that I have two different aesthetics. The first that comes to mind is the way I dress and structure my blog. The second is how I organize and decorate my journals. Both include a lot of colour and patterns but my books and dairies always feel slightly cartoonish compared with my outfits. I haven't yet mastered how to combine the serious side of fashion with the imaginary, collaged landscapes but I feel like this designer offers a springboard of new ideas. Phiney Pet remind us that fashion is not about dressing to please others, but is something that allows us to silently communicate to everyone else what kind of person we are and what we like. 

*All Images via

Monday, March 17, 2014

This is your life

These are my journal entries for January except I am writing them in last year's diary because all the diaries for 2014 had ugly page layouts. Writing journal entries has only become relevant in my life now so it's a good thing I had a blank journal lying around anyway. I didn't finish decorating all the pages with stickers and my drawings until recently so that is why they are being posted now, in March. I am also keeping this separate from my art journal where I make collages and stuff with very little, often fragmented words. As an indication I have also finished writing in February and most of March but it usually takes some time for me to decide how I want each page to look and feel satisfied with it all. The words don't feel as important once I've written a complete entry and cataloged my feelings- they get filed away and slowly I don't feel the way I did before.

"Reflecting and archiving is not the same as dwelling in the past. It is not anti-living, but a part of life, even a crucial one. We do this to highlight one thing above others, so that a special moment can take up more space in our brains than an inconsequential one; so that, by plain math, our personal worlds contain more good things and fewer bad ones. Or more interesting things and fewer blah ones, since you have to record the bad, too."
-Tavi Gevinson from Rookie’s Editor’s Letter this month.