Tuesday, February 11, 2014

witch couture err day

Wearing: Top was a gift, thrifted floral skirt, brown skirt from garage sale, American Apparel socks, Miu Miu clogs. 

It's been really hot lately so my only solution has been to wear really floaty dresses and skirts and pretend to be magical. I've had this t-shirt for a while but have never featured it on this blog until now because I always felt that it was too mainstream or something. But the print is cute and quirky which is basically what I'm all about (good call Mom). The skirt is something I bought thrift shopping last week and I really love the colour of it. If I hadn't already dubbed this outfit as being rich in witch vibes I would probably call it my girl-next-door look inspired by the Lisbon sisters. Incidentally when I was taking these photos I could hear my neighbors playing trashy pop music.


  1. Gorgeous outfit, I love your style <3

  2. Ah! The colours in this outfit are so perfect and soft. totally getting the lisbon sister vibe, very cute and spooky!

  3. Love this outfit its so cute! I get these cool seventies vibes and your clogs remind me of a pair tavi wore in one of her old style rookie posts.


    1. 70s vibes is what I aim for <3
      yes! the clogs are made by the same brand :3

  4. so cute!! i love the skirt, you look like a summery witch in the best way ever c: c: c:

  5. your clog/frilly socks/everything situation is so perfect
    and your shirt is great, your mom is a clever lady

  6. Nice blog! :))
    I wore out with a friend, that by the end of the month I will have 3 000 followers on the blog! It is very important to me! You could add to the followers? If you want to I follow you back :) Let me know!
    Love, Poppy.

  7. You have the same amazing clogs as Tavi Gevinson!