Thursday, February 13, 2014

MAISON the FAUX Fall 2014

I generally don't discuss feminism on this blog because I like to think of it as a style blog featuring moodboards inspired by different types of women. Perhaps you noticed this agenda when taking in all the vibes and photographs of women.
But this collection is so perfect in uniting these two interests together it's an almost revolutionary way of designing and presenting fashion. MAISON the FAUX exists to destroy patriarchal beauty standards with pom poms, pastel and lots and lots of glitter. Models were showered in confetti and shared a flower studded runway, emphasizing unison of male and female looks using traditionally feminine motifs. Young and old models were also chosen as ambassadors for the brand at none other than Amsterdam Fashion Week. Designers Joris Suk and Hans Hutting have created an Internet femme sensation and describe the label as a vehicle for world domination and other young designers.

The clothes embody a certain community of zine-making babes, heavily drenched in glitter as well as metallic ruffles, pastel shredded denim and marabou feathered pom poms. In some of my recent outfit posts I've been totally crushing over my cute pom pom earrings as well as making beaded friendship bracelets so this whole collection feeds that aesthetic and obsession. Sometimes it's easy to feel like maybe I'm too old to still heavily obsess over cute things like Japanese stickers and my journal and glitter but I also know other bloggers exist in this state. Which is nice, but in the back of my mind I still wonder if I'll ever grow up. So it's really gratifying to know someone else lives through these very teenage-themed vibes but also is articulating them through clothing and presenting them to the world.

Boys and girls both walked in skirts and torn trousers made from pastel denim, with other pieces used to create peplums and headgear. Normally I am very critical at the use of male models, finding their inclusion in runway shows and photo shoots alike to be very gimmicky without any consideration to how the clothes should really be made to fit them. But since MAISON the FAUX is run by two young, up and coming designs- a dynamic duo of male and female who share the same aesthetic the collection is an inclusive work of art. Their show is a working example of how fashion favours the outsider and their ideas, with the clothes themselves a labor of love given the number of hours spent on the meticulous details of each bead, sequin and well-placed ruffle. Passionate people do exist and create something so unique, they become the centre of their own universe. That's what I love about clothing, when it transcends into a form of self-expression. 

*Images via, and brankopopovicblog

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