Friday, February 28, 2014

Cool Change

For most of you it is Winter and you have been bombarded gale-force winds and cold weather. In stark contrast Summer has brought heat waves and some very sweaty, sleepless nights for me. And it sucks because I have lots of time on my hands and I would like to write in my diary or work on my journals but I leave sweaty finger prints everywhere! Anyway, I'm looking forward to ~the cool change~ and with it some more complicated, layered outfits but to survive inevitable hot weather I made this little mood board. Usually I made these to express a certain feeling I am going through or thought that has been on my mind for a while but this is just about inspiration. It was also largely inspired by movies made by Sofia Coppola and Courtney Love's personal life and stage presence.

Britney Spears for Rolling Stone March 1999, b, c- Style Rookie3. 4a- unknown, b- I wanna go home by Shannon and the Clams. 5- Drew Barrymore at 1995 VMAs and Courtney Love at the Batman & Robin premiere 1997. 6- Courtney Love's diary. 7a- Hirshhorn Museum, Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color and Space by Jim Klaas, c- The Virgin Suicides production stills. 2 & 7b- Miss World by Hole.

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