Thursday, February 6, 2014


Wearing: POMS earrings, Tokito dress, school uniform skirt, American Apparel socks, Lipstick jelly sandals, diy unicorn brooch, cat brooch from etsy (ginettepomette).

I finally bought glittery ghost jelly sandals- and the best part is they only cost me $12! Now I can show the world my collection of cute socks without getting my feet dirty. Or justify buying cute but expensive socks instead of buying more pairs of shoes. Wearing socks and sandals together makes me feel like a slightly oversized toddler which is the theme of today's outfit given my slime green accessories. I feel like this outfit is passively edgy in a subversive kind of way but all things considered it's quite plain for me. I also love it, because it is probably the worst thing to wear when meeting your boyfriend's stepmother for the first time. Not that my boyfriend has a stepmother, I'm just interested in getting instant hate when walking around.


  1. i admire your braveness to wear what you want, you always look individual and interesting!


  2. so cool I love the mix of fluoro green and lilac <3

  3. I want those shoes so bad! ♥♥♥♥

  4. Love your skirt and those brooches are awesome!! You look so damn cool!