Friday, February 28, 2014

Cool Change

For most of you it is Winter and you have been bombarded gale-force winds and cold weather. In stark contrast Summer has brought heat waves and some very sweaty, sleepless nights for me. And it sucks because I have lots of time on my hands and I would like to write in my diary or work on my journals but I leave sweaty finger prints everywhere! Anyway, I'm looking forward to ~the cool change~ and with it some more complicated, layered outfits but to survive inevitable hot weather I made this little mood board. Usually I made these to express a certain feeling I am going through or thought that has been on my mind for a while but this is just about inspiration. It was also largely inspired by movies made by Sofia Coppola and Courtney Love's personal life and stage presence.

Britney Spears for Rolling Stone March 1999, b, c- Style Rookie3. 4a- unknown, b- I wanna go home by Shannon and the Clams. 5- Drew Barrymore at 1995 VMAs and Courtney Love at the Batman & Robin premiere 1997. 6- Courtney Love's diary. 7a- Hirshhorn Museum, Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color and Space by Jim Klaas, c- The Virgin Suicides production stills. 2 & 7b- Miss World by Hole.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Karen Walker's 'Visible' Campaign 2014

The subjects of last season's Karen Walker sunglasses photo shoot were the exuberant and adorable little old ladies of Advanced Style. This season has a more noble agenda, working in collaboration with the United Nations' Ethical Fashion Initiative Derek Henderson has delivered another stunning series of portraits. The subjects are artisan's from both rural and urban Kenya and as the name suggests, Visible aims to increase awareness on a global scale of emerging designers. I've followed various Karen Walker campaigns since about 2009, but this might possibly be my favourite. Sunglasses from this New Zealand designer are everywhere on fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities alike and at last their huge profile has been used to benefit others in the industry.

The retro cat eye designs of last season are out and we instead see the return of unisex square-faced frames in tortoiseshell and black. The trademark arrows can be seen on the arms of all their designs as per usual but we're seeing the return of some older designs, such as Number One re-imagined in pastel. There's not a huge variety of shapes and sizes to chose from but from the photo shoot so far we can only see ten photos. The large, round lenses set in glittery frames continue to reign but are no longer given a two-dimensional appearance and have been lovingly fleshed out. While I loved the Orbit designs of last year I think these new incarnations are slightly more naturalistic in their design. I'm not sure if I'll get anything yet because there's already so much stuff I want to buy for my journal and clothes but I think it will be interesting to watch the reception of this particular campaign.

Monday, February 24, 2014

ground control to major tom

Wearing: Romance Was Born top, Tokito dress worn as skirt, Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop socks and Lipstick jelly sandals.

I was meant to wear this top on New Year's Eve but then I realised my social life is non-existent so I stayed home midnight snacking instead. I don't mind saying that it was a really difficult piece to style with but this whole outfit seems reminiscent of Style Bubble in 2009 what with the really odd silhouette and bubble skirt. The top feels kind of scratchy but it reminds me of the Issey Miyake 'Pleats' collection only more metallic and synthetic. In a weird way it matches the stripes of my Meadham Kirchhoff socks which arrived in the mail yesterday. I've already managed to rub dry nail polish on one sock which sucks but the world needs to see how cute they are.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


It occurred to me the other day that I have a lot of nice stuff but no one realises how much stuff I actually have, so I made this shrine. My mother decided she would collect sets of matching dishes and stuff for me a while ago, so a lot of those are incorporated into this shrine. They were used to hold my glittery hair clips, badges from Etsy and strands of kiddie beaded necklaces. Other stuff include brooches, things I made myself and treasures from thrift shopping. Since it's just a collection of stuff there isn't really a defined theme, but you definitely get a sense of my aesthetic and the things I like.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chanel Fall 2012

I took the liberty of shuffling the order of the Chanel runway presentation, in order to create a rainbow of tweed and has nothing to do with being totally bored over the holidays. But I think you'll agree it's the best way to absorb cute matching skirt suits like your grandma would wear in the good old days when going to Church on a Sunday. Or maybe I've just been so engrossed with the most recent Chanel collections that altering the order of this presentation makes more sense aesthetically. Either way this is the formal and traditional image of Chanel as imagined by Karl Lagerfeld presenting a bounty of tweed. My fascination with exaggerated office wear has a lot to do with watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so I can stare at Dolores Umbridge. Why? Well you see she's the ultimate crazy cat lady and had the greatest pink wardrobe which is why I pretty much watch that movie just for her. Don't get my wrong she's just as evil as Bellatrix Lestrange, evil and corrupt in her use of magic but she has a certain coordinated style which I aspire towards.

I was also taken with the glittery tights worn with each look and demure black kitten heels. My diaries have been slowly taken over by glitter (pictures are coming soon I promise) but my wardrobe has some catching up to do. Thankfully I think the whole Chanel Fall look from 2012 can be recreated even on a budget. Glittery tights cost a few dollars on eBay, you can find suitable heels when thrift shopping and the only tricky thing to find is a matching skirt and jacket suit. With the advent of Etsy that problem is solved for those willing to pay a pretty penny but it's still much cheaper than walking into a boutique store. In areas with proper rich histories and large thrift stores like America and England it's probably easier to find a matching suit when compared to Australia. Or maybe it's just the grass is greener on the other side envy I have.

The collection seemed a very safe, pretty and plain affair with a defined style and seemingly few accessories. The dreamer in me would have liked to see more matching handbags in a variety of different pinks, but they just didn't have time to plan that far ahead. If I had enough ingenuity myself I could probably learn to make one from recycled tweed or crochet something together but I'm not that competent when it comes to knitting needles, sewing or many handicrafts. I wanted to write this as the prelude for the most recent Chanel collections which knocked my socks off, but I felt it was important to curate these outfits. All the ideas and motifs are there, but the execution seems somehow different. Also I'm just plain interested in how long-lived brands change and adapt in order to survive and remain relevant to today's fashion.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valley Girl

Wearing: American Apparel shirt, Cat amulet from ginettepomette, DIY skirt, pompom earrings from RosaleenRyan, Lipstick jelly sandals.

It made sense to wear
the DIY skirt I made complete with fluffy pom pom earrings as part of a Cher Horowitz inspired outfit. Unfortunately I have not found the perfect plaid mini skirt and matching jacket when thrift shopping but I remain ever vigilant. The skirt was originally a baby blanket I bought a year ago and I finally finished sewing onto a stretchy black skirt. I can't believe it took me over a year to finish doing this project (oh wait, yes I can because I am a super lazy person sometimes!). The earrings are made from marabou feather which cost $20 from etsy and are evidently cheaper and sturdier than the official POMS earrings which cost $80. I also love the baby pink colour which matches my skirt and best friends necklace I got in high school.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

'Cause I feel like I'm walking on fire

Lately it's been so hot I can't even think straight other than an idealistic and very dreamy notion about Summer and long car trips and ice-cream that seems to melt the minute you touch it. The photos taken on the Rookie road trip two years ago have been a great source of inspiration, as well as the smell of sweat clingy to my shirt and the sound of our sickly air-conditioning trying to keep up with the heat. Even with the weather making everyone miserable, and the sun glare so strong it chars the newly mowed grass there's something magical to this time of year. Or, perhaps I actually do have heatstroke and need an ambulance called right away. Well whatever it is I wanted to create something summery, so you could practically feel the heat radiating out of your computer screen... wherever you are.

1a, c, d- unknown. 2- Daydream Nation by Petra Collins for Rookie Mag. 3. 4- unknown and Life Magazine via Style Rookie. 5a & b- Les Beehive - The Virgin Suicides production stills. 7a- Style Rookie, b- The Virgin Suicides (1999), c- moody witchy teenage Vlada by Venetia Scott. 8. 9a, b, d. 10- via internetkhole. 11c- Gilmore Girls (2000- 2007). 13b- Daria (1997- 2001), c- unknown. 14- The Virgin Suicides (1999).  
1b, 11b-
Rookie Summer of Love Part One. 6, 9c, 11a, 12, 13a- Rookie Summer of Love Part Two.