Monday, January 6, 2014

we don't have to smile

Wearing: Shirt from my dad, smiley button was a gift, Black Milk leg bones leggings, Pulp Kitchen socks and Rubi shoes platform wedges.

This outfit is the result of feeling nostalgic while reading old Style Rookie blog posts and spending too many hours on instagram, trying to find pictures of babes to draw in my journal. In particular @stolenmagazine captured my imagination with their rainbow drenched organisation and collection of wonderful images 'stolen' other sources.
I bought these socks at work when I had awful blisters, but nothing could stop my holographic brogues from absolutely destroying the backs of my heels. The good news is, I have a cute pair of socks with aliens on them. It feels kind of weird not to have an outfit with lots of buttons or badges, but I think the smiley face and aliens along with shape-shifting monochrome patterns is eye-catching, in its own bizarre way.


  1. wow I love your shirt <3

  2. lovely post, beautiful outfit x

  3. omg so hip, i really want to be you

  4. your style inspires me so much! obsesssssed