Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Viva La Victory Nick Von K

It's been a long time since I reviewed the imaginative work of Nick Von K- but I enjoyed keeping up to date with the creative process for last season's Viva La Victory. Like I said, it's been a very long time since I reviewed a brand as opposed to my usual runway review and rehash of images from But Nick Von K is something different, special and worthy of attention. The label is New Zealand based, prooving that isolation from European and American influences gives the designer the courage to simply follow their own creative vision. The pieces are generously proportioned and cast from silver set precious and semi-precious gems. The motifs of Viva La Victory stem from rustic 19th/ 20th century English influences with delightful modern twists. I got some serious warrior vibes from the angular designs of the season's pieces- like receiving a pleasant punch in the face with knuckle dusters but noticeably more fashionable.

Designer Nick Klarwill's soft spot for felines isn't as apparent in the new Viva La Victory line, but it's still definitely there. This decadent cocktail ring has to be my favourite piece from the collection, holding your choice of precious amethyst or topaz in place with meticulously crafted claws. While I think it's safe to say I have outgrown my outrageous love for costume jewellery, my heart does ache a little when I see something beautifully made with love, such as this ring. I've kind of moved on and now wear outrageously wholesome outfits that are tacky from head to toe but you can bet your bottom dollar if I won the lottery I would have a matching selection of jewellery to choose from.

Roaring lions heads, rolled signet coin rings and traditional Catholic rosaries re-imagined with Spanish conquistador flair suggest long lost tales of the British Naval Fleet's journeys spanning across the world. Each piece is like a memento of a time when plundering for treasure was a real thing and not a metaphor for stealing people's credit card details or whatever. Times were simpler! Everything was slightly more magical, but also gritty and poets were pale and tragic like my heroes Lord Byron and John Keats! There's an element of research invested in each piece by Nick Von K which really makes it all the more special. That's what resonates with me after each season, and it's why I keep coming back to discuss such a noticeable character and flamboyant artist.

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