Friday, January 17, 2014

tomato soup

Wearing: Dangerfield socks and dress, POMS earrings, American Apparel blouse, vintage backpack, vintage watch and Dr Martens boots.

Inspired by Tavi's Christmas in California scheme I wore this outfit a few days ago to a drawing session run by Melbourne artist, Minna Gilligan. I got to hang out with other Melbourne Rookies and explored the Melbourne Now exhibition after the session had finished. This dress has been a summer staple of mine and strangely doubles as the perfect backdrop to create a dorky back-to-school outfit complete with backpack and heavy duty, OH&S-friendly combat boots. In all seriousness I sympathise with those of you who have had to return to school in the last few days because at times it totally sucks and makes you want to put your head on your desk.
Not that I condone sleeping in class. I'm sure you'll all learn great things and appreciate your education in your old age but for now I get where you're coming from.