Monday, January 27, 2014

Soot the Label

Little known label Soot is the brain child of fledgling designer, Edwina Sinclair, freshly graduated and rosy-cheeked. Her graduate collection for A/W2014, POP has already been picked up by Australian boutique label FAT who fell in love with the cheeky, luxury pieces in a pastel palette. Although the label was originally named after producing multiple pieces in back with the aesthetic of a 19th century chimney sweep straight outta London it has been excitingly redefined from a streetwear label to tribute to luxury. While I am more accustomed to the quirky and more fanciful designs associated with Melbourne labels and Sydney being straight forward and business-like in style, I'm glad I stumbled across this Brisbane label. 

The first few things that really grabbed me and made me excited over this new designer was the Polaroid-quality photo shoot combined with misshapen, pillow-like growths in the vain of Comme des Garçons with a dreamy, nostalgia. Even the motif of pink tulips seems very CDG reminiscent, particularly referencing their A/W12 collection and this coat here. I also happened to find the lookbook archived online at a time when lately I have been dressing in pastel pink and blue and it really spoke to me on a visual level, but challenged my aesthetic with the addition of bulbous tailoring and weird hats. After reading the interview from I was also pleased that we shared the same fashion idols, with Sinclair naming Tavi Gevinson, Beyonce and her lord majesty The Queen (in a bobble hat of course) as some of people she would like to see wear her label.

While I haven't seen the creations for myself, I have no doubt it would feel like wearing a cloud or something totally unique and magical. Even those soft, billowing draped pants have me mildly frothing at the mouth! It kind of feels unfair that this up and coming designer, along with a whole bunch of others is being kept secret from both me, and the rest of the world. Clearly there are unique, creative types that are keen to express themselves and give life to beautiful, imaginative clothing who are uncompromising in their vision for the future. But they aren't always seen or heard and that just feels dang wrong. I'm going to try and combat this injustice while writing very inarticulate blog posts before 9am. Because that's the best way I know how to assist this industry and that's also, sadly, when I do my best topical writing.

*Soot AW14 Lookbook via


  1. Wow, those clothes are so gorgeous! I want that pastel pink coat so baddd!!! x

  2. Rei kawabuko would nod her head in approval imo! Bey and tavi as influences? Sweeet! I love the use of pastels, bubbles and flowers. I need that yellow jumpsuit ensemble fo real tho... cool post! :)

  3. I adore how simple the photographs for these are! I love the colours too!