Friday, January 31, 2014

hopeless and romantic

Wearing: Thrifted blouse, skirt from a garage sale, American Apparel socks, Rubi shoes platform wedges.
Crucifix necklaces and cameo were gifts and mushroom bead from ginettepomette (etsy).

I am a total dork because the outfit I wore today was inspired by my pair of socks, the Lisbon sisters and other fashion bloggers. Sorry but I have literally been obsessed with these socks for years after seeing cute outfits from Tavi, so I finally bought three pairs last weekend. What could be more embarrassing than an adult imitating a teenager and stealing their style? Probably nothing, but my mother crashed my photo session and demanded I get out of the sun and creepily watched me from the kitchen window. So now my family knows just how weird and sad I am but honestly I like wearing socks with sandals and creating magically matching outfits and archiving them. The texture of this skirt also goes really well with my new socks and I used some safety pins to change the shape and mush it up a little in an attempt to be un-boring.


  1. You look really pretty and your outfit is gorgeous, that shirt is the cutest <3

  2. you photograph so well, i especially like the last photo. and the idea of mushing up your skirt is so cool! i love it.

  3. love this outfit! Tavi's blog is great for stylespiration. now i long to wear sanfals with socks. Great post! ♥