Saturday, January 11, 2014

Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon

Wearing: Thrifted blazer, DIY gingham top, Cue skirt and belt, Kenji heels, cat necklace from ginettepomette (etsy).

Today I was inspired by an article in Vogue Australia, which discussed the street style phenomenon of wearing trousers. But also, without even having watched Pretty in Pink I have channeled its heroine Andy Walsh into my outfit. My conclusion is that this blazer has a mind of its own and is possessed by the spirit of a dead prom queen. I seemed to have missed the point they were trying to make but I was inspired to wear my heels and blazer together.The truth is I don't have many spectacular pairs of trousers to wear which would be suitable with heels. So that's how this outfit came about. My cat amulet from Ginette Lapalme also arrived today and it is the prettiest thing in the entire universe and the polka dots kind of match the print of my skirt.

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