Monday, January 13, 2014

beware of young girls

I've been thinking a lot lately about teenage girls and Tavi Gevinson talks and ballerinas and Meadham Kirchhoff. They all seem to fit together in a very cliche way, but sometimes there are sinister undertones making the prettiness and vomit pink all the more intriguing. This moodboard is in the style of my older blog posts where I just use the photograph or image, rather than trying to collage them together and try to make sense of them aesthetically. Piecing them together like a jigsaw puzzle gave me a better sense of my tastes and how to present my blog, but I like this process better. I'm not a great photographer, and my resolution for 2014 is to create both a creative identity and academic profile but before I can do that I think it's important to be clear and understand what I like. I like glittery crowns, sparkly pipe cleaners and ballerinas smoking and wearing stickers on my face. 

 1- unknown, 2- Meadham Kirchhoff via, 4- Petra Collins and The Teenage Gaze (II), 5- unknown, 6- Christopher Kane Spring 2009, 7- unknown, 8- An Education (2009), 9- vlada roslyakova shot by venetia scott for self service, 10- meadhanm kirchhoff, 11- arvida bystrom by eleanor hardwick, 12- Eaton House  - Essex, London, 13- Meadham Kirchhoff FW 2013, 15- via. 3 & 14- Bunheads by Robert Harper via VICE MAG, models: Veronica G @D1 Models, Lily Newmark, Lauren Crispin.


  1. I cannot even pinpoint why exactly but this post is just what I needed, thank you SO much. It just seems I love it, and your blog is amazing!