Friday, January 31, 2014

hopeless and romantic

Wearing: Thrifted blouse, skirt from a garage sale, American Apparel socks, Rubi shoes platform wedges.
Crucifix necklaces and cameo were gifts and mushroom bead from ginettepomette (etsy).

I am a total dork because the outfit I wore today was inspired by my pair of socks, the Lisbon sisters and other fashion bloggers. Sorry but I have literally been obsessed with these socks for years after seeing cute outfits from Tavi, so I finally bought three pairs last weekend. What could be more embarrassing than an adult imitating a teenager and stealing their style? Probably nothing, but my mother crashed my photo session and demanded I get out of the sun and creepily watched me from the kitchen window. So now my family knows just how weird and sad I am but honestly I like wearing socks with sandals and creating magically matching outfits and archiving them. The texture of this skirt also goes really well with my new socks and I used some safety pins to change the shape and mush it up a little in an attempt to be un-boring.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What we have here is a dreamer

A while ago I made a moodboard about being uninspired, and another one describing the creepiness summer in suburbia has to offer. Unknowingly, I had created a secret link connecting to the opening sequence of The Virgin Suicides. Before we glimpse into the Lisbon sisters’ lives and walk in on Cecilia’s lifeless body floating in the bathtub we see the streets of their neighborhood and breathe in the ordinary, American houses of a bygone era. The whole film is lit with a 1970s influence, a certain air of nostalgia and narrated accordingly. Half way through last year I found a copy of Italian Vogue while thrift shopping from 1999 and some of the editorials and ads captured this spirit. The forest green, dull brown and sky blue were transformed becoming overwhelmingly transcendent and potent with innocence. I wanted to share it with you guys, since it has quietly effected my life like hypnotic background TV static brainwashing my brain when I am about to fall asleep on the couch.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Soot the Label

Little known label Soot is the brain child of fledgling designer, Edwina Sinclair, freshly graduated and rosy-cheeked. Her graduate collection for A/W2014, POP has already been picked up by Australian boutique label FAT who fell in love with the cheeky, luxury pieces in a pastel palette. Although the label was originally named after producing multiple pieces in back with the aesthetic of a 19th century chimney sweep straight outta London it has been excitingly redefined from a streetwear label to tribute to luxury. While I am more accustomed to the quirky and more fanciful designs associated with Melbourne labels and Sydney being straight forward and business-like in style, I'm glad I stumbled across this Brisbane label. 

The first few things that really grabbed me and made me excited over this new designer was the Polaroid-quality photo shoot combined with misshapen, pillow-like growths in the vain of Comme des Garçons with a dreamy, nostalgia. Even the motif of pink tulips seems very CDG reminiscent, particularly referencing their A/W12 collection and this coat here. I also happened to find the lookbook archived online at a time when lately I have been dressing in pastel pink and blue and it really spoke to me on a visual level, but challenged my aesthetic with the addition of bulbous tailoring and weird hats. After reading the interview from I was also pleased that we shared the same fashion idols, with Sinclair naming Tavi Gevinson, Beyonce and her lord majesty The Queen (in a bobble hat of course) as some of people she would like to see wear her label.

While I haven't seen the creations for myself, I have no doubt it would feel like wearing a cloud or something totally unique and magical. Even those soft, billowing draped pants have me mildly frothing at the mouth! It kind of feels unfair that this up and coming designer, along with a whole bunch of others is being kept secret from both me, and the rest of the world. Clearly there are unique, creative types that are keen to express themselves and give life to beautiful, imaginative clothing who are uncompromising in their vision for the future. But they aren't always seen or heard and that just feels dang wrong. I'm going to try and combat this injustice while writing very inarticulate blog posts before 9am. Because that's the best way I know how to assist this industry and that's also, sadly, when I do my best topical writing.

*Soot AW14 Lookbook via

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tweedle Dum

Wearing: Romance was Born bomber jacket, Dangerfield dress and socks, Dr Marten boots and American Apparel blouse.

This jacket is one of my favorite things, and I know I say that about a lot of stuff so it makes me wish I had never complimented anything ever before. Thanks to Romance was Born for making the most magical bomber jacket in the universe with modern Disney designs and a general acid barf aesthetic!
I couldn't afford the matching top in the same print, so I had to improvise with a combination of floral dress and peter pan collar blouse. It kind of worked, and gave me the opportunity to add even more clashing patterns to this outfit. My goal in life, is to dress in such a way that it looks like I put a lot of effort into my appearance, but also to make people vomit on sight.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

KS Swim Ruins

KS Swim, the little sister/ aquatic branch of Australian designer Karla Spetic have done it again delivering lycra swimsuits wrapped around one skinny blond model. The photo shoot takes place in a post-apocalyptic industrial site making the popping colours and bright tones even more visible, matched with New Balance runners- because occupational health and safety applies to everyone. That includes models who can't possibly be from this planet. Anyway! The theme of this season's collection is Egyptian characters and design which has been modified for a Western palette, with not a dusty sandstone tablet in sight.

The editing has an undeniably Internet vibe to it- but it's still very clever and seamless condensing different poses in the same outfit together. I really have to tip my hat to it- no one has really embraced or acknowledged this modern and lively take on showcasing fashion. Even the fashion collections of Karla Spetic remain in the safe realm of a well lit studio and professional photographs focusing on the clothes themselves and not venturing outside of that space to create a narrative. They've been able to explore another identity within the brand, allowing it to expand and grow. For lesser known Australian brands, this is imperative in order to survive a fickle industry.

One-pieces, bikini bottoms and halter tops alike have been illuminated by wild patterns and prints- and as you must know by know I'm all about digital prints and wacky designs. But I'm not really wild about swimming or going to the beach, even during summer. If I had to imagine my dream combination I would love to wear any of these designs underneath a sheer shirt or one of the dreamy pieces from the Molly Goddard Asos collaboration. It would give the illusion of a ghostly dress engulfing Egyptian ruins but also give me peace of mind that I wasn't totally exposed. A brilliant plan- no? Too bad I don't own either piece, I have to stop solving my wardrobe problems with items I don't own and falling in love with such expensive clothes.

The gritty environment and the trashy aesthetic of a junk yard was the perfect backdrop to emphasise the clean lines and bright colours of the swimwear line. It's very different, you won't see anything like it in Vogue but it still has a shiny, elusive editorial vibe to it. And while I would love to imitate this photo shoot I think my family and friends would all be concerned if I wanted to plan a field trip to the local dump... a real shame that. But this is exactly the kind of stuff I want to unearth when I trawl the Internet and look at fashion online- be it runways or photo shoots or street style I like the very different and unique. If people aren't already sitting up straight and paying attention to Karla Spetic, now would be a good time to hop on the band wagon.

Another surprise to come from this collection was the effortless use of stripes everywhere and I literally mean everywhere. Whether they were subordinate to the Egyptian alphabet or taking centre stage they were there. Even though I am made about my prints and patterns, vertical stripes haven't managed to worm their way into my wardrobe. I suppose it has a lot to do with the personal style of my mother being so stripe-oriented I felt I needed to be anti-stripe growing up. If that makes any sense. But this style is far different from the sedate tastes of my mother and I would be happy to fly the flag for breath-taking designs of Australian designers. As March approaches and Melbourne Fashion Week draws ever closer, this will be on my mind a lot.

To maximise the gorgeous prints and high-impact designs I would love to wrap myself in a one piece. Although I have bikinis and stuff to wear they have more to do with peer pressure and expectations one faces in high school rather than how I feel about my own body or my personal style. So wearing one of these bad boys is a nice compromise- it shows my narcissism, my willingness to invest in a brand but in a way that caters to my personal tastes. Fashion isn't about dressing for men, or necessarily feeling sexy but should be a fun and an exercise in self-exploration. This collection dances on the knife's edge of those two ideals. So if you want to feel sexy, whip your hair back and forth in a bikini. If however, you are like me and just want to wear fun designs there is also something to tickle your fancy.

I was a bit shocked at the choice of New Balance footwear at first, but after giving it some thought it did seem like an intuitive counterpart to this collection. They're sporty, trendy and brightly coloured, but overall remain subordinate to the swimwear itself. I always immediately question the use of high heels in poolside photo shoots with swimwear- like, is there a person who actually wears Jimmy Choo with a bikini? Whereas this partnership is actually believable in the magical land of fashion and celestial beings and editorials and high powered cameras. While I remain opposed to the beauty standards set by their choice of models, yet again, I am impressed with the work of KS Swim and can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

*Karla Spetic Swim SS13/14 Lookbook via